Leticia Battise and Ava Ahmadbeigi

Leticia "Marcia" Battise [no age given] shares her thoughts on the current U.S. political climate, acting and trying to find community in an increasingly disconnected world with StoryCorps facilitator and new friend Ava Ahmadbeigi (26).


My father who’s name is Belal Al-shawe is a 57 year old man who came from Iraq and fought his way though collage and built a great life for himself.

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My participant for my interview is my grandmother, Josipa Deranja. She is 86 years old and her birthday is January 28 1937. In my interview I ask her questions about growing up in Los Angeles in the 1940s and 50s,...

Theresa Marasco and Holly Burns

Theresa Holly Marasco (55) and her daughter, Holly Burns (30), reflect on their single-parent household, experiencing spaces of poverty and privilege and their hopes for the future.

Nancy Greenstein and Judy Abdo

Nancy Greenstein [no age given] talks with her friend Judy Abdo (76) about their 40 year friendship in which they've both dedicated their lives to the Santa Monica community through community organizing, local politics, education, and serving on boards to...

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The participants in this interviews is Roxana(37) who is the kither of Mark(17). The topic discussed in this interview is what would Roxana be remembered as in the future.