jocelyne and noemi

getting to know each other even more than we already do.

Thanksgiving Listen!🎧

This interview shares a short version of the personal life story of my classmate from English class, Alejandra Frias. She tells me about her childhood, hard moments, influences, and her struggles.

We did this for class

Hawaii was cool and fun, don’t wear crocs, and memes.

English 2 extra credit assignment

A couple of questions that reflect on my older sister’s life

A good life=pain

Metzli tells of how she grows up. She had a rough life but worked to have a good life.

Practice interview 1

I interviewed Marshall about his memories and other things it was good to find out more about him.

Nana Elva’s childhood memories

This is the story of my nana and about her childhood memories and later years.

Interview with Austin 11/1

Practice interview with Austin about his childhood

Spring project

It was an informative interview. But I am glad he cares about my education

My interview with Daisy

Something that was talked about was how you should appreciate moments when your young.

She ate my homework

My uncle tells a story about his times in elementary school when his teacher never gave back the assignment.

Interview with Melinda Hester

We talked about my grandmother’s childhood in the 60’s, and jobs that she has had.