She told me some interesting memories I never heard before

Interviewing kersin._.

I basically asked her some questions some such as who made an impact on your life and how you want to be remembered.

Grandma I. Interview

This was a very interesting interview and I learned a lot from it.

Interview with Shawn

I interviewed my stepfather, who works in IT at the Univeristy or Iowa

mr hamners interview

mr hamner and I talked about what kind of student I was in his perspective.

Interview with Mr. Mina

This was an inspirational interview with Mr.Mina.

“Tell me who had the biggest impact on you while growing up”

My dad, Kevin, reflects back on his childhood memories and shares his advice for future generations.

Thanksgiving interview
November 24, 2017 App Interview

This interview was mainly about how my father felt of himself in the past and what he hopes for me.

Me and my teammate Nate

Nate’s journey from his home country to the U.S. and the challenges his faced and had to overcome.

Angela s

We talk about random stuff(mostly about childhood)

Sonia interviewing Gabby

Gabby talked about how she loved others and wanted to help people.

Marshall’s Interview

Very insightful set of questions and a lot of fun.