Interviewing my friend Nabaa

My really close friend Nabaa, she’s 17 we’ve been for almost a year and we just mostly talked about career,future etc

Sonia interviewing Gabby

Gabby talked about how she loved others and wanted to help people.

Angela s

We talk about random stuff(mostly about childhood)

Marisa's Interview

I took a deep dive into the moment Marisa met her father in the fifth grade- we discuss all the details and emotions.


She told me some interesting memories I never heard before

Marshall’s Interview

Very insightful set of questions and a lot of fun.


My name is Damon Steelhammer and I’m 18 years old. I’m interviewing Kemper Treu who is 17 years old.

Moms School Stories

Keri asks her mom about her time in school.

Practice Interview 1
September 13, 2018 App Interview

I conducted an interview, and asked questions to my friend, Erika.

emelin interview , Period 4

I (Kevin) asked her for her interest , where she was raised and born and her likes . Got to know her better and now i would feel like we would get along throughout the year.

Interviewing kersin._.

I basically asked her some questions some such as who made an impact on your life and how you want to be remembered.

Grandma I. Interview

This was a very interesting interview and I learned a lot from it.

“Tell me who had the biggest impact on you while growing up”

My dad, Kevin, reflects back on his childhood memories and shares his advice for future generations.

family and dreams
November 16, 2022 App Interview

family is definitely important and how they are impacted to what Jonny wants to be when he grows up, this can be very important to achieving a dream.