Tom Moberg and Mary Moberg

Spouses, Tom Moberg (79) and Mary Moberg (77), talk about their shared interests in travel and the outdoors, and their connection to the North Country National Scenic Trail.

Interview with John Gibb

John Gibb (74) shares stories from his life, from the pros and cons of being a twin to valuable lessons learned from the army.

Lucretia Jeffers and Charlie Jeffers

Lucretia Jeffers (67) and her brother, Charlie Jeffers (65), remember their father, Dr. Dean Jeffers, Jr., and mother, Catherine "Katie" MacLean Jeffers, and reminisce about growing up in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Experience as a filmmaker.

College is important but once you get your first job it isn’t important, because after the first job experience is what matters. Never let school get in the way of your education. Julie Olson age 54. March 21 2023

Sharon Powell Quincy and Damon Ward

One Small Step partners Sharon Powell Quincy (74) and Damon Ward (47) connect over their desire to help their community and those in need from opposite sides of the aisle.


Talked about his influences to become a comic artist, how his childhood experiences led to the international and creative life he has. Looking back into his life, we talked about some of his proudest moments in life, both professionally and...

Claire and mom

My interview was with my mom, Jennifer Heizer who is 47. My name is Claire Heizer and I’m 11 years old. This interview was about my mom, her family history, her childhood, and how she met my dad.

Mary Macleod

An interview with my mother during my short trip home from Japan.

Sheila Reddy, John Freund, and Sheila Freund

Sheila Freund (54), and her son John Freund (31), interview her mother and his grandmother, Sheila Reddy (83), about her childhood growing up, her family, her happy memories, and her more challenging ones.

Elizabeth Garman and Rachel Manchester

Elizabeth shared her amazing life journey, teen pregnancy, loss of baby, humanitarian work with hemophilia education in impoverished countries, COVID journey and loss of family members, strength in adversity, a life of meaning and purpose, Providence mission. faith, leading with...

Granny & Granda

During this interview with my Granny and Granda, we talked about their life’s and my dads childhood. Upon much more.

Growing up with Ann

I interviewed with my mom about her experiences of growing up in an orphanage in Glasgow, Scotland.

“There were locations that I went to that no human has ever been to before.” An interview with Dr. Mary Beth Wilhelm.

Dr. Mary Beth Wilhelm is a research space scientist at NASA Ames Research Centre. In this interview, Mary Beth talks about lab hopping, visiting five continents in five months, winning the Ames Early Career Researcher Award, and her hopes for...