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Evangelina Moncayo and Susana Torres

Evangelina Moncayo (64) talks to her childhood friend, Susana Torres (64), about growing up in the 'Segundo Barrio' in El Paso and growing up in the custody of her strict but loving father.

Grace Hernandez, Elena Hernandez Melendez, and Rafael Hernandez

Cousins Elena Hernandez Melendez [no age given] and Rafael Hernandez (35) have a conversation with their aunt Grace Hernandez [no age given] about their relationship with Basketball in the Barrio and the role that the camp and community have played...

Mark Alvarado and Rus Bradburd

Friends Mark Alvarado (59) and Rus Bradburd (63) talk about Basketball in the Barrio. They also talk about El Paso, Texas, and the connection between art and basketball.

Anthony Martinez and Stella Medina

Anthony Martinez (49) interviews his mother, Stella Medina (72), about her early life in Segundo Barrio in El Paso, Texas. They also discuss discrimination against Mexican-Americans in El Paso and the term race fog, which Stella coined.