Family history

In this interview, I asked my aunt about her experiences with family members that I did not have the pleasure of meeting. We discussed stories and characteristics they all had and what they carried on to the later generation.

Patricia Galante and Joseph Galante

Married couple Joseph Galante (77) and Patricia Galante (73) reminisce their childhoods in Italy, and how they met in America.

Peter Campisi and Peter Campisi

Peter Campisi (91) speaks with his son Peter Campisi (43) sharing stories of his life growing up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, his service in the military, his love of the Trumpet, and his family history going back to...

Papa Lupis’ Stories, Part 1

I interviewed my father, Steve Lupis, who told me the story of how our family came to America, how my grandparents met, a bit about his childhood, and the stories of my and my sister’s births.

Vanessa Schoon Smith and Heather Brownlie

One Small Step partners Vanessa Schoon Smith (45) and Heather Brownlie (50) discuss the assumptions people make about them, political extremism drowning out moderatism, social media encouraging divisiveness, and their hopes for the future.

Matthew Selden interviews Tom Lazio.

Matthew Selden (27) and Tom Lazio (76) discuss his Italian immigrant heritage, various experiences in public service, and the past, present, and future of Ottumwa, Iowa.

From New York to Sicily: Long Lost Cousins Unite

December 1988, Teresa Jeffry and sister, Gina Eshleman took the train down to Sicily in hope to find long lost cousins.

Len Russo: our Sicilian- American history

Steve Russo and Leslie Russo Yates interview their Uncle Len Russo about family life in the years following his parent’s emigration to Cleveland, Ohio from Longi Sicily.

White Water Breaks the Stone

John Friedrich (56) talks with his friend Bob Alpern (92) talks about two trips to Europe to protest the deployment of U.S. missiles in Europe, including a three day block of the Mutlangen Air Force Base in southern Germany. There,...

Grandma Jo

This is an interview of Josephine Wilhelmi, grandmother to Marta Schneider where she recalls some of her childhood, teen, and young adult/parent memories.

Emily Lynott and her grandma Joan Laracuente discuss growing up and memories in Oakland, New Jersey

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2017, Emily Lynott (14) and her grandmother Joan Laracuente (74) talk about early life and friendships in New York, occupations of herself, her parents, and her husband, and memories from her childhood and...

Bob meets McCarolyn.

Bob Alpern talks of locking eyes with a woman with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, at a talk he delivered at the Unitarian Universalist fellowship in Santa Rosa, California,That led to McCarolyn joining Bob in Washington, DC, with an...

Talking with Dad about Italy

I speak with my dad about his experiences going to Italy as a kid and about the family we have there. We also discuss our upcoming trip this summer.

The birth story of a red headed daughter

Every year near July 3rd Alice Sager shares her daughter’s birth story with her. Her daughter Kathy, approaching 55, asked Alice to share the story via StoryCorps interview. Alice also shares about her current experience in the COVID-19 pandemic and...

Thanksgiving Listen with Nonna

I interviewed my Nonna, who is my grandmother, on November 25, 2017. I learned about her daily life in Italy, the changes she went through living in the United States, and how she got to where she is today. I...