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Kyle Fukumoto (13) interviewing Judy Freel (82), his grandmother about her life experiences.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Simi Valley, CA, Kyle Fukumoto (13) interviews his maternal grandma, Judy Freel (82) about her life experiences. She details her childhood in Seattle, and talks about raising Michele, Kyle’s mom.


Martin is a very nice guy who has a lot of happy moments in his life and it was my pleasure interviewing him.

Opinions on the pandemic and related topics.

This interview is recorded in Spanish, which was easier for the interviewees. I am talking with my church pastor and his wife about their thoughts, opinions, and advice about the past year and near future. The questions and answered mostly...

Brendan’s OC Life

Brendan talks about moving to the OC, working at The Disneyland Resort, and being LGBTQ+ in the OC.

Interview with grandma

We talked about lots of things about me and her self when she was younger, I think this was a great assignment to do and I got to know more about her now.

Dad’s Childhood
January 5, 2023 App Interview

My Dad, Josh Morton, and I, Arthur Morton, had a mix of an interview and a conversation about stories of his childhood and parts of my own that i don’t fully remember. oronado

Cool Dad

We talked about if he had a nickname when he was younger and what he did when he was a teenager/child. We also talked about some work stories.