A Veterans Profile -Kris Robinson

Talked about various experiences about the navy life, before during and after.

Alex Berry and Ai He

Alex Berry (22) speaks with his friend Ai 'Anna' He (21) about their experiences studying abroad in Singapore and China, their lives at Georgia Tech, and their thoughts on friendship, mentorship, and global citizenship.

Lorie Delizo and Joy Osborne

Lorie Delizo (30) talks with her girlfriend Joy Osborne (30) about their careers in education, their relationship and their plans for their future.

Just another life story

A flashback into the life of Sapna Sukesh Kumar; her beliefs, opinions, and memories; how these factors have shaped her into the wife, mother, and human being that she is today.

Mary Sherwood and Ronald George

Wife and husband Mary Sherwood (64) and Ron George (70) talk about their experiences working in journalism and the changes they've seen in the industry.

Yeh yeh
December 25, 2017 App Interview

A life of hardship, happiness and learning. A story worth knowing.

Driving for Opportunity

My father, Steve, talks about his journey to the US and why he did it. The beautiful sights of California, greater opportunities, and cars influenced his decision to leave the United Kingdom.

Rhea Karkera discusses growth and development with Sharad Karkera

Rhea Karkera(16) discusses with her father(50) how his past has made an impact in his present and what it means for his future

my lovely mother

This is an interview with my mom, a person that is very important to me. It is some questions about her job, family, and life where I gained a deeper understanding of her.


Interview with my friend Aura who immigrated to Singapore when she was young about her life

Dads interview

I asked my dad a few questions that I wanted to know about him.

Kem Trice – Be who you want to be, not what people want you to be.

Kem Trice tells about growing up in Tennessee. Being the first woman certified to teach vocational agriculture in Tennessee . Living during the segregation and integration of African Americans and the Vietnam War. The Challenger flight and it's impact on...

Dorothy Garza and Twilla Booker

Friends Twilla Booker (59) talks with Dorothy Garza (63) about Dorothy’s childhood, her family, her time in college, in the Air Force, in Alaska, and Japan, her children, and about the life lessons that she would like to pass on...

Interview with Dad

We talked about my dad's life growing up and his life now and lessons he has learned.

A Tale of a Beloved Great-Grandmother

In this interview, I(13) am interviewing Esther Ang(77), my grandma on November 23, 2018. We are talking about her mother, and her accomplishments in her life before she died at the age of 101. Esther shares stories of how her...

Leighton Ng and Arden Ng

Arden Ng(47) talks with Leighton Ng(15) about growing up in Singapore and his move to the U.S.


Interview with Elizabeth regarding her life.

Dancing to Prince

Everyone Alex Head meets wonders about his British accent, it's the first thing they notice. Yet who would have thought a British born, American citizen with two kids would end up spending a large portion of his life in Asia?...