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What are you most thankful for?

A girls life growing up in Slovakia and facing the challenges of coming to a new country.

Becky Kosley and Cindy Henry

Becky Kosley (65) interviews her sister Cindy Henry (66) about their family’s migration to the United States from Slovakia, the closeness of their family, and their family’s military service.

Learning more about my Slovakian mother

A story about my mother's life growing up in communism and its the political/social effects, her work and educational background, and dabbles of small stories from her childhood, teenage years, and college life.

Ed Rehak Czechoslovakian history

My great uncle Ed recalls memories from early childhood during the depression as well as cultural aspects from his Czechoslovakian ancestry.

Milan Ferencei and Zora Carrier

Milan Ferencei (61) speaks with his wife, Zora Carrier (57), about his experiences growing up in Slovakia, working in medicine, coming to the United States, and meeting Zora later in life.