Paul Kennedy and Vince Whibbs

Paul Kennedy (57) shares with his friend Vince "Vinnie" Whibbs (77) about his childhood, his 30 years incarcerated and getting the support he needed to stay out of prison through the anti-recidivism program, Re-entry Alliance Pensacola (REAP).

Kendall Kohn and her grandmother Elizabeth Kohn talk about growing up in Newberry, South Carolina.

In this interview, conducted on December 1, 2019, in Plano, Texas, Kendall Kohn (16) interviews her grandmother Elizabeth Kohn about her experience growing up in a segregated town. Ms. Kohn shares her experience in a small southern town, and what...

Lee Moultrie and Hazel Diaz

Hazel Diaz (35) talks to new friend and fellow veteran Lee Moultrie (64) about his time in the military, his activism and advocacy work, and his family.

Euleen Edmondson is Interviewed by her Granddaughter About Growing up in South America
December 7, 2018 App Interview

Euleen Edmondson (64) is interviewed by her granddaughter Kayla (13) in Greenville, South Carolina for Thanksgiving Break. Ms. Edmondson lived almost half of her life in Guyana, and reminisces on her childhood in the South American country. She talks about...

Pamela Sulton and Edward Hampton

Pamela Sulton (60) talks to her father, Edward Hampton (84) about his time in the Navy, his time the Air Force, and his time working on Fort Jackson for thirty years.

Bob Ireland and Ryan Gardner

One Small Step partners Bob Ireland (69) and Ryan Gardner (25) talk about the loss of loved ones, their personal political values, and their reflections on recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Getting to Know Carol Bulwinkle

Carol Bulwinkle was born in Santa Barbra, California and moved to Charlotte North Carolina shortly after she got Polio as a child. The effects still impact her today. She grew up in Charlotte and moved to Charleston, South Carolina when...

Madison legacy

This is an interview of a cousin whom I don’t communicate with often.

Interview with my Unique Grandpa
November 30, 2017 App Interview

In this interview I talked about the influential jobs that made the man my grandfather the man he is today and what he has learned from them

William Phillipps and Susan Humphreys

Susan Humphreys (76) interviews her bother William "Bill" Phillipps (73) about his childhood in South Carolina, his time in the Army during the Vietnam war, and his family life.

Kiplyn Primus and Leona Barr-Davenport

Kiplyn Primus (60) speaks with Leona Barr-Davenport (64) about her life and career. Leona talks about being born in South Carolina and her success in business as a leader.

Interview with Emma Goodwyn 2021 by Mariah Goodwyn: The story of Emma Goodwyn’s life

I’m this interview we talk about how how my Grandma was a sharecropper growing up and about the struggles and good times she has gone through in her lifetime.

Her story

I took the opportunity to sit down and interview my mom and ask her about what her childhood was like. Not only did I find out about her childhood, but I learned about some of my great grandparents’ background as...

Vietnam veteran shares stories of the war.

My grandfather talks about the time that he spent in Vietnam. He also talks of how he was blessed, and saw little violence.

Interview with Mr. Meehan

Mr Meehan was my 8th grade Social Studies teacher. We talked about his life growing up to making it to where he is today as a teacher.

Virginia "Gin" Behrends and Nancy Parode

Virginia "Gin" Behrends (81) talks to her friend, Nancy Parode (53), about her childhood, her feelings towards Pearl Harbor, her wedding, being a navy wife, and living in the south during the Civil Rights Movement.

Thanksgiving Listen

I’m this interview I interviewed my father, Bryan Howard on his life and his childhood. I asked a couple questions about his childhood, some things about his life now, and some things he would change.

Joseph West and Charles Lane

Friends Joseph "Raleigh" West (39) and Charles Lane (67) discuss their work as conservationists, their journey to the field, the topographical and social factors that shaped the Revolutionary War, and what this history means for us in the present moment.

Clint McGuire and Jack Benjamin

Clint McGuire (56) continues his conversation with his former professor and long-time friend Jack Benjamin (71) about Jack's years building and running a theatre department at the University of South Carolina Aiken. This conversation mainly covers the years 2002-2006.

kay green

kay has and has always had a great relationship with jesus christ. she referents in her mistakes with ease because she knows they are forgivin.