Kurt Hebeisen – Switzerland to USA (everything is better with an accent)

Swiss merchant marine finding love in Cleveland, OH, getting married and settling in a new country. Becoming a US citizen. Raising a family with English as a second language

Algis Kalvaitis, Ramunas Kalvaitis, and Irene Kalvaitis

Algis Kalvaitis (45) interviews his parents Irene Kalvaitis (85) and Ramunas Kalvaitis (82) about their experiences fleeing Lithuania as children during WWII, and their lives in various countries before eventually coming to the United States.

I Think I’ll Go With Pants Today.

I interviewed the Dean Students of Virginia Episcopal school with questions from beach trip fun to boarding school stories in Europe.

Then Great Thanksgiving Listen-Ben McKenna

Some of my grandmother’s history in her life was touched on and mainly where she has traveled. Also my grandmother talked about how she loves spending time with her family in Vermont.

Global Arizona

Dual-Citizenship student Thomas Parker talks about the differences between Swiss and American culture, and what it was like growing up between the two.

Maria-Lee Rodriguez and Francisca Buger

Maria Rodriguez (46) and her sister, Francisca Buger (44) reminisce about their childhood together. They talk about vivid memories that they share, memories that they recall differently, and their parents. They also talk about what they appreciate in each other...

An Interview With Vermont’s Own: DJ Montgomery (Jackson)

A conversation with my sister's boyfriend on his life growing up in Switzerland, some regrets, and hopes for the future.

Sandy Frost and Taffy Solcher

Sandy Frost (52) talks with her mother Taffy Solcher (79) and asks about Taffy's unique childhood, growing up as the daughter of a man in the oil business which meant growing up all over the world, in places like Columbia,...

Sydney and Jean’s Interview

This interview was done by Sydney Rose who is 16 and her participant was her mom Jean Rose who is 51. Throughout the interview Jean shared experiences of her life, her thoughts, and overall things that brought to where she...

Grandpa Walt’s immigration to the U.S.

I interviewed my Grandpa about his life while living in Switzerland and once he immigrated to America. Learned his struggles and journeys.

John "Jack" Toevs Jr., Harriet Weber, and Nancy Warner

Friends and Colleagues, Nancy Warner (70) and Harriet Weber (65), come together to interview their friend, John “Jack” Toevs Jr. (82), about his contributions, experiences, and work in the agriculture and irrigation field. They also talk about the farmland of...