Pierre Beuret and Natasha Rice

Natasha Rice [no age given] talks with her dad, Pierre Beuret [no age given], about his childhood in Switzerland, his career as a chef, and the many places he has traveled.

Early days in Switzerland. The power of radio.

Interviewed dad on his history growing up in Switzerland before coming the the US. This interview covers his experiences with radio.

Backpacks & Baguettes

A father and son talk about the children’s travel book they wrote together, Backpacks & Baguettes, and the reminder it provided of what it was like to live in the world before the pandemic hit - the sights, the smells...

Keith Jemison and Maybelle Wallace

Keith Jemison (64) shares a conversation with his dear friend Maybelle Wallace (92) about the history of Black Wall Street, including the Tulsa Massacre, as well as the continued importance of the Greenwood community and the power of love to...

Suzanne Greif and Daniel Enger

Suzanne Greif () tells Daniel Enger () her life story, one filled with a love for art and animal rescue, as well as mental health and substance abuse challenges.

Paedrin Interviews Grace

Grace’s family and history, what it’s like living in and outside of Silicon Valley

Dad and Gene Baker talk about Control Data

Bob Price and Gene Baker talk about their early careers at Control Data Corporation. They have been friends for over 55 years.

Accounting Anecdotes

I talk with my dad about his life, we talk about everything from growing up in the prairie to living overseas and auditing companies with challenging business degrees.

Interviewing my mom

In this interview I ask my mom about some of her earlier life along with how she would want to be remembered

Interview with Mom!

She talks about her life growing up and moving from across the world

Interview 2022

We were talking your experience as a younger person, parent, and future self.

Stefan Frei Imigration interview

For my global studies project I interviewed Stefan Frei the goalie for the Seattle Sounders Soccer team. Stefan moved to America from Switzerland with his mom, his dad, and his brother to the Bay Area in California. Stefan moved when...

Grandpa Walt’s immigration to the U.S.

I interviewed my Grandpa about his life while living in Switzerland and once he immigrated to America. Learned his struggles and journeys.

My Interview With My Dad

In this interview, I learned more about my dads life. Such as things that I never new before about him, and where he has been in his life! I find it so cool and how I have never been so...

Paul Thrier

Today I interviewed my Grandpa who lives in Switzerland. We talked about his past and his advice he had to offer.