Alan Cowan and Graeme Cowan

On August 8, 2015, I interviewed Alan Russell Cowan, my Dad, about his life lessons. I asked him about the people who had been important to him in his life. He discussed his parents Hiram and Marjorie Cowan, his wife...

Dawn McCombs and John-Paul Byrne

Dawn McCombs (52) and her husband, Jean-Paul Byrne (51) recall the serendipitous way they met and fell in love, through a personal ad placed in the Village Voice. A year-long correspondence between New York and Sydney, a short love affair,...

John talks about the Air Grilles business

Ima interviews her Grandad about the business he created in 1979 which operated with great success for 37 years

Interview with Dad

A shortened version of my Dad’s early childhood, Military life, and professional career.