A thanksgiving interview with my Grandma Joan.

My Grandma tells me her story from elementary school to being a parent of four. She also talks about her old relatives who first came to America. She also talks about how she loves all her children the same.

My Dad

My father was abused and neglected as a child by his stepmother.

Childhood Memories

In this interview, I mainly asked my mother about how she grew up and what it was like. She told me about growing up in Mexico, as well as a short story involving a tarantula. She is the strongest person...

Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my mothers life and her experience.

Scott Osmus 9-23-22

Scotty O, 63, joined the Crazies in 2000, 2 months before his 1st H2C. He is a runner

Clark Nelson 9-22-22

Clark, 84, joined the Crazies in 1985, within a week of moving to California. He is a runner

Brent Watkins 9-22-22

Brent, 64, joined the Crazies in 1993 or 1994. He is a runner with the Crazies, but also mountain bikes (old fashioned and e-bike) and surfs off the coast near Santa Cruz or San Francisco

Person of Inspiration

I am Elijah George, interviewing my mom Katherine George. Katherine George is 43 years old, my mom, and the date of this interview is December 7th, 2022. In this interview we go over what she likes about her work, how...

Jim Brandt 10-18-22

Jim, 66, joined the Crazies in 2005 as a runner, and started cycling in 2009. He has run ~60 marathons, done ~15 Century rides, and has climbed 5 of the 7 world's continent's highest peaks

Scott Guisti 10-18-22

Scott, 63, started running with the Crazies in 1996. He is also a road and mountain biker and golfer

Getting to know Cody

An interview with my brother, Cody Bettinger, age 29. Learning where he came from and where he is now.

James and Saul, Frontrunners Sacramento
October 3, 2022 App Interview

In 1992, Sacramento Frontrunners, an LGBTQ running group was formed. James and Saul were part of the first group. As part of our 30th Anniversary, they share some of their best memories of the early years and what this group...

Ryan Anderson 11-29-22

Ryan Anderson, 80, started running with Tom Pinckard and others in 1976. He ran with the group, which obtained the name "Alamo Crazies" in the late 70s, until 1987 when a back inury kept him from running any more. He...

Randy Harris 12-12-22

Randy, 73, started running the hills of Round Hill golf course with other Crazies in 1980. He is also a cyclist.

Bruce Riggs 11-16-22

Bruce, 92, started running with Tom Pinckard and others in the early 1970s. He is a runner and cyclist

interviewing my grandparents.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

my grandparents told me how they each moved to the town they met in.