Kyle is a friend of mine I met over the past year

Multi-talented Korean War Veteran and artist also worked on the first lunar module to land on the Moon. Interview 1 of 3

Multi-talented Korean War Veteran and artist also worked on the first lunar module to land on the Moon. Interview 1 of 3. Jim Ingham and his family are talented singers, he is also proficient in playing the bagpipes and Native...

Brother interview

This interview is about my brothers life, and his child hood.

Father and Daughter Discuss His Time in Ireland

Mattie Adam (27) and Kerry Adam (57) discuss Kerry’s time abroad at Trinity College as a student in 1985. Topics covered include what traveling can bring to one’s life, Dublin’s best fish and chips, math classes in Ireland versus math...

Hailani Chan-Williams Talks About His Life

In this interview, conducted November 2018 in San Diego, California, Lumina Chan-Williams (16) interviews her dad Hylanie Chan-Williams (48) about his life and what he’s learned from it. Hylanie talks about how he’s grown up, who affected his life, and...

Interview with my Grandma Xac Vo

This interview was mostly in Vietnamese. A life story told about my Grandma and her life with her husband and children from Vietnam to America facing many challenges along the way. This interview is not told in any chronological order.

Ahora te conozco mejor Abuelita #MBHSStories#The Great Thanksgiving alisten 2018

Today I interviewed my Grandma throughout my mom, she knew her better than I ever did or will, because unfortunately she passed away June 2018.but take a listen and find out things that I never really knew about my Grandmother...

Interview with my mom

This is an interview with my mom about her immigrant story. My mom talks about her life before and after moving to the United States.

Thomas Johnston 11-24-17

Thomas Johnston shares memories of lessons learned, values held, inspiration and family.

Like Mother Like Daughter

My mother and I talked about the importance of perseverance, strength, love, and faith. I realized how her life vastly differs from mine and how she is so determined. We both related on being a girl is rough, however, she...

Working in Another Language

Despite being in Japan for the earthquake in 2011, Gerald Hirshberg doesn't tell that story, because stories of interacting with the place and the people are far more earthshattering. In November of 2017, Kate Hirshberg interviewed her grandfather, Gerald 'Jerry'...

From the Philippines to America – 1980s

My father (Juancho) talks about his experiences in America as an immigrant coming from the Philippines in the 1980s.

Conversation with a Chemist: Mary Kay Liggins as interviewed by Rachielle Sheffler

I interviewed one of my colleagues in the clinical laboratory as she sets her eyes on retirement. The laboratory profession has grown significantly, and the demand for new scientists is one of the greatest challenges in healthcare. Mary Kay is...

Interview With My Mom

My mom talks about her family and childhood in Vietnam. Additionally she talks about what it was like coming to the U.S and becoming a mother.


Communication 245 projects Diego State University. Conversation got very personal and intense. Very sensitive it totally exceeded my expectations.