Kathleen Chen’s Testimony
September 17, 2019 App Interview

This testimony is about my grandmother’s experience in her native country, Taiwan, and the reasons behind why she decided to move to America later in her life.

Testimony Project 2019
September 17, 2019 App Interview

My name is Evelyn, and I interview my mom Lingling about her childhood in Ping Dong, Taiwan.

my moms childhood
September 14, 2020 App Interview

I questioned my mom around 8:30 at night on September 13, 2020. I asked her about how her childhood was like and questions about her before she had me. She told me some things that shocked me and some that...

An Interview with My Mother: Experiences from Taiwan to the United States

My mom and I talk about her experiences immigrating from Taiwan to the United States, her views on education, food, culture, and family, and what she misses most about her home country.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: My Mom’s Taiwanese Heritage

This recording is an interview I did with my mom discussing her Taiwanese heritage and some of the struggles she faced and noticed as a child but also the pride she has in her culture.

Interview with my Nani, Dinesh Verma

Dinesh Verma talks about leaving Pakistan during Partition and, later in life, moving to the United States.

Changing Times, Similar People

Will talks to grandpa Fred about his life, how he wants people to find their comfort zone in their life, and his hopes for the future of both our family and the world as a whole.

Extra Credit: Thanksgiving StoryCorps

My mother talked about her past in Taiwan and the parenthood

Michael and his mom

Mom talks about her childhood stories and life in workplace.

Michael Chou – Great Holiday Listen

This is an interview with one of my grand uncles from Taiwan. In the interview photo, my grand uncle is in the black shirt without a hat and I am in the grey shirt. My brothers are the two in...

Mom’s Memories in Taiwan

Grace and her mom, Tsuimin, talk about Tsuimin's summer in elementary school and also her wedding day.

Interview with Grandma or Ah-ma

In this interview I ask my grandma about her childhood and what was it like growing up.

Lisa Camps thanksgiving interview

My grandma talks about the challenges of moving from Taiwan to America.

A Taiwanese Immigrant

Interviewing my mother, a Taiwanese immigrant, about her first experience in the United States

Interview w/ My Brother

My brother and I talked about the last, present, and future.

Grateful Hearts

Moving from Taiwan at 13 years old Peter Wang was told that he was never going to be successful. Looking back on his life, he knows that the ones who teased and mocked him were wrong. He shares his wisdom...

WH Interview

I spoke to Richard Evers about his service experiences and other life stories.

Immigration and its Struggles

A mother, teacher, and nurse talks about her experience immigrating to America from Taiwan.

Sara Barry and Justine Lee

Sara Barry (39) speaks with her One Small Step conversation partner Justine Lee (33) about what shaped them as young women and what influences them today as they try to understand each other personally and politically.

Interview with my mom

This interview was with my mom. We talked about her life before she moved to the United States, her childhood, and ancestory.

Interviewing my great grandma

My great grandma talks about how she used grit and perseverance through her life as a refugee from the Chinese civil war and her life when she was a child

Religion and Immigration: Following a Calling to Integrate Cultures

Here, I talk to my mom and dad about their experiences with their experience as Taiwanese immigrants, and how faith has woven itself into this experience. We touch on the similarities of Christian and Chinese values, as well as how...