Interview with grandma

I interviewed my grandma about her childhood and our heritage.

Parts to Build an AR-15

If you wish to build your guns, then you need to research a lot. Gunsmiths take a lot of time and effort to make the most defining weapons. Especially when you look at the AR-15, it is an extremely customizable...

Interview with Dad

The interview focused on life lessons, accomplishments, and wishes for the future.

Where do I watch Lifetime Christmas movies?

Lifetime channel is the hub for all the Christmas films and there are several streaming alternatives such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV etc. Some of the OTT services such as Philo, Sling TV, Fubo TV have pledged their support....

History Project Interview

My dad (Richard Torra) and I (Aleksandr Torra) have an interview about his life and some important moments during his life.

Guenther Story Corps Assignment 2018

We talked about his jobs and previous jobs he had while growing up as well as some good influences he had growing up.

Logan Wilson and my grandmother Elizabeth Swanson Greene talk about her life growing up and now

In this interview that was recorded in November 2019 in Tampa,Florida Logan Wilson interviews her grandmother Elizabeth Swanson Greene about her life growing up and her life now. She also talks about her mother,father,brother and sister. Also about her hobbies...

My Stroke was God’s Blessing

A stroke survivor with aphasia talks to his wife about his perceived struggles and blessings. He hopes his story is an encouragement to others.

Interview of Nicole Parsons

Summary of her memories from childhood to now. Assignment from D block US history.

History Project

We talked about my mom's life and what I mean to her.

Mom Interview

I asked my mom about her early life and asked her about her childhood. I also asked her about what she has encountered and learned throughout her life.

The Stories of Ernestine Thompson

This interview was taken with Ernestine Thompson in Temple Terrace, Florida on May 17, 2019. In these questions, she discusses her childhood, favorite memories, viewpoints on life and society, profession, marriage and more. “Mimi” is a 79 year old native...

My step father Antonio Smiley

I gave my step father an interview on his upbringing, things he’s learned in the world growin as a young man

Mark Interview

This is my assignment for EH204A. I interviewed my fraternity brother, Mark Miller. I ask him questions to get to know the real Mark.