Rosalie Dance and Marilyn Clark

Rosalie Dance (73) speaks to her friend, Marilyn Clark (70), about growing up in the small town of Jersey Mills, PA. As a college student, Rosalie became involved in a Quaker group. She later became a professor of mathematics, which...

Chantale Niyonkuru and Sara Skinner

Sara Skinner (49) interviews her friend and colleague Chantale Niyonkuru (23) about her upbringing, culture, life experiences, and journey from a refugee camp in Tanzania to graduating college in Boise, Idaho.

Sammye Walton and Chris Gates

Sammye Walton (45) interviews her friend, Chris Gates (35), about his creation of and continued passion for MainSprings, a nonprofit organization focused on breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a sustainable future for communities in East Africa.


I interviewed by 16 year old brother about his travel outside the country to Tanzania. We talk about travel, his experiences, differences between there and here in the US and education.

Mary Emeny and Steve Long

One Small Step partners Mary Emeny (78) and Steve Long (69) talk about travel (Mary's experiences), prolife/prochoice issues, religious/spiritual beliefs, immigration and how people in the middle of the country are viewed by politicians and East and West Coast population.

Sarah Clark and Conor McGlade

Conor McGlade (27) speaks with his fiance Sarah Clark (28) about how they met during a study abroad program in New Zealand, started dating and eventually became engaged in Ireland.

My Mother’s Life

My mother & I discuss her childhood in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and Kenya. We also talk about her transition to life in America and high school.

Karen Schaefer and Jessie Hayden

Karen Schaefer (80) tells her daughter Jessie Hayden (58) about her childhood, her time in the Peace Corps, motherhood, and being a teacher.

Barbara Kates and Douglas Nye

One Small Step conversation partners Douglas "Doug" Nye (74) and Barbara Kates (69) talk about religion and spiritual life, the Back to the Land Movement, sobriety, activism, differences in views on government, and hopes for their future generations.

Niyubunto Desire’s Interview About Tanzania

We talked about his experience in Tanzania and the politics in there and in the U.S.

Apush interview with Tutu

A discussion of life in the 1900’s, professional life, and a childhood living through World War II.

Namayan, the Good Shepherd, and the Maasai

Namayan, a Maasai woman from Tanzania, sits down to share stories of growing up in a pastoral culture and her continued journey of learning and growing at SNC.

Enemy Alien # 1098

Gord Breedyk interviews Evelyn Voigt, a member of the Board of Directors of Civilian Peace Service Canada (CPSC). Evelyn was born in a prisoner of war camp in what is now Zimbabwe to German parents who were forcefully removed from...