Braden Storts and Shelley Stege

One Small Step conversation partners Braden Storts (26) and Shelley Stege (59) discuss how political division has impacted both of them - as well as what it means to be adaptable. They also discuss how they both have known people...

Cadi Duly

Cadi Duly is a 16 year old sophomore student in Everman, TX.

Nathan Kim interviews Chang-Soo Han(uncle).

Today, I talked with my uncle Chang-Soo Han, who lives lives in Korea but is visiting us for winter break. We talked in Korean, with a little English on my part. I asked him about his school experiences and how...

Zachary Walker and John Walker

Zachary Walker: 2020-05-12 18:22:30 Talked about life back when he was beginning college and his childhood in Peoria, Ill.

Interview with my mom

This is an Interview with my mother the date is March 25th 2023.#family

storytelling assignment

my grandma Cindy villarreal that is 69 and my self Krisilda villarreal I am 29. Cindy is my grandmother and I am her granddaughter life experience and memories.

Interview for Project 4

We talked about life lessons and who has been an influence.

Elma Nieto-Rodriguez and Jim Jimenez

Colleagues Elma Nieto-Rodriguez [no age given] and Jim Jimenez [no age given] discuss their paths to becoming librarians. The two have been colleagues for nearly 20 years and reflect on the future of libraries.

Livia’s interview

My mom and I talked about her earlier years and how she was raised in a foreign country. We also talked about the people who had a major impact on her life and how they changed who she is today.

Take a leap of faith

If you are willing to take chances in life, not let fear hold you back, you can use your life experience to help you achieve things you could never have previously dreamed of doing!

Steve Desroches and Kristian Seeber

Steve Desroches (48) and Kristian Seeber (41) (also known as Tina Burner) talk about his work as a drag queen, appearing on "RuPaul's Drag Race" and finishing up his first season performing in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Dorymar Torres-Rosas and Shayla Garcia

Friends and colleagues Dorymar Torres-Rosas (22) and Shayla Garcia (26) reflect on teaching social-emotional learning during COVID, their work with Paso del Norte Center for Hope, and life in El Paso.

Storytelling Assignment

Erin Anderson (21) Jennifer Anderson (45)- mother We went over my moms memories. In this interview we also discussed regrets, memory, life, and got emotional.

Siempre Luchar

My aunt tells her story as she experienced sexual assault at her very first job at the young age of 16, as well as her expectations and experiences working as a Nursing Assistant in the U.S.

Sister Kathleen Corbett and Sister Mary Margaret Murphy

Sister Mary Margaret Murphy (76) and Sister Kathleen Corbett (74) reflect on their roles at Loretto Academy and share fond memories of their time there.

Thanksgiving with Grandma

I, Hannah McDaniel (21) is interviewing my grandma, Nelda McDaniel (84) over life experiences, memories gained and a few lessons that she learned.

An interview with Debbie

We talked about her upbringing with her family. Also throughout we had commentary from our dog yogi

Interview With Meredith Buckley

Family interview with an 18 year old and her mother. A interesting interview about sharing quality memories.