Dennis Murphy and Liv Murphy

Dennis Murphy (53) and daughter Olivia "Liv" Murphy (18) discuss Liv's high school and college experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her plans for the future.

Sonya Rosario and Venus Prado

Friends Sonya Rosario (64) and Venus Prado (51) discuss Sonya's return to San Antonio after living away for 35 years. They discuss Sonya's career as a filmmaker, memories, and share wisdom for future generations to come.

C. Wright and Arlette Laan

Colleagues Quinn Wright (78) and Arlette Laan (50) discuss their hiking experience on the North Country Trail and how it's allowed them to learn about different communities.

The Life of Herman van Beek

The life and family of Herman van Beek, my grandfather. He was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and grew up during the second Word War under German control. He moved frequently, going to Argentina and Mexico, where he learned English...

Creating the ideal conditions for learning and development

This interviews captures the highlights of Ginni Sackett’s Montessori journey, as well as essential aspects of Normalization as the key to successful Montessori work.

Amy Atim Longa and Conny Bogaard

Friends, Amy Atim Longa (44) and Conny Bogaard (56), share their individual immigrant realities as they’ve created lives in Garden City, Kansas.

Life is…and then you rock n’ roll.

We talked about perspectives on a mysterious world. And how we try to solve those mysteries, as human beings, by relating to each other one-on-one through communication and processing.

Margaret Ward and Eva Embrey

Margaret "Peggy" Ward (91) talks about her family history and her life as a violist with her daughter Eva "Lynne" Embrey (67). Peggy has completed research on the 1918 Spanish Flu and draws parallels between the 1918 Spanish Flu and...