From Manila to America

Emille Cipriano-Trudeau moved from Manila, Philippines and lived in Chicago, Quebec, San Francisco, and Austin. She left her homeland to explore other opportunities.

Interview with Mom

My name is Gray Payne, I’m 26 years old from Denham Springs, Louisiana. Tonight, I interviewed my mother, Joann Payne who is 53! We talk about some important moments in her life, and go over her relationships with family and...

Interview with Aunt Peach

I talked to my Aunt Peach about where she has lived, her family and her career.

Juan S. Rivera, my grandfather

In this interview, my grandfather talks about how life was different in the Philippines during his time - mentioning how life was under martial law. And other things history related.

A visit with my aunt

I discovered my family history by chance on a visit to Los Angeles. My aunt Linda tells me the history of the Juachon family.

The Value of Life and Stewardship – Mitchel Branden

Mitchel Branden (58) talks with his daughter, Tasha Branden (19) about how his life influenced his time in the U.S. Navy (1980-1984) and how the navy influenced his life post service.