The great Thanksgiving listen

Inin this interview we talked about my grandma’s life for the most part and her opinion on some of it.

Love, Life, and the Value of Family

I sit down with my grandpa, Dale Morris, age 84, and learn a bit about love, life, and the value of family.

Thanksgiving Listen Interview

I interviewed my grandfather about his childhood and adulthood. I liked interviewing my grandfather because I dont get to ask him a lot questions a lot of times.

Rami Ali Interviews Derar Ali; his grandpa.

We talked about my grandpa and how life growing up for him was like. We also talked about how raising kids and education was like.

Thanksgiving listen

Mike was poor growing up and he had many brothers and sisters.

Chicago is Where I Wanna Be

Nichole Perez (17) interviewed Sean McGuire(28) and found out he grew up in a small town, but always knew he wanted to come to Chicago.

My father interview

We talked about my fathers life and what he was like as a kid. We also talked about what I was like as a kid

My Grandpa’s Experience in the CIA

The CIA is one of the world’s most secretive agencies, and my grandpa was involved.  This interview for the Great Holiday listen on storycorps was about my grandpa, Lou Eisenbarth experience and memories from his time in the CIA. My name...

My mama
November 27, 2017 App Interview

This is me asking my mom several story that we’re both happy and sad.