Practice Interview

I was talking to Rachel Barbrick (14) about some of her favorite memories and her thoughts on the global pandemic.

Dick Selissen, Coast Guard Lighthouse Keeper

Dick Selissen, Coast Guard Lighthouse Keeper and Chief Officer at the Two Harbors Lighthouse in the 1960's discusses his daily life as a keeper and the importance of lighthouses in keeping ships safe.

Jordan Kirk and Dean Paron

One Small Step conversation partners Jordan "Jordy" Kirk [no age given] and Dean Paron (52) talk about their mutual love for the outdoors and where it came from and division in our country and community.

Dan’s tips for success!

Reed and Dan Cruikshank talk about Dan’s life story and how he has been successful through hard times

Ted Johnson, Coast Guard Keeper Split Rock Lighthouse

An interview with Ted Johnson, Keeper of Split Rock Lighthouse from 1958-1960. A discussion of daily life and the role of Keepers at the Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior.