Meeting My Piano Teacher: Jane Calder

Today I interviewed Jane Calder. I have known her for nine years now. Although I have known her for so long, k have never known much about her. I learned about her childhood, life, mentors, and so much more.

Suzi Wong and Donna Wong

Suzi Wong (65) speaks with her sister Donna Wong about their life and times growing up in Hollywood at the father's Chinese Laundry

Curtis Young and Mike Strautmanis

Curtis Young (81) and his son, Mike Strautmanis (50), talk about their relationship, which had been distant earlier in Mike's life but came to develop and deepen decades later.

Susan Broitman, Marshall Broitman, and Jed Broitman

Susan Broitman (76) and her husband Marshall Broitman (76) talk with their son Jed Broitman (45) about how they met while training in the PeaceCorps before being stationed in Ethiopia together.

An interview with my inspiration: Jane Calder

Today i interviewed my piano teacher of 9 years. Over the nine years, I only knew about her past students and children. Today I wanted to know more about her childhood, career, passions and proudest moments.

May Chan, Christine Chan, and Kevin Longa

May Chan (96) and her daughter Christine Chan (65) talk with their grandson and son Kevin Longo (25) about the food traditions in their family.

Joe Nahama and Rodney Nahama

Joe Nahama (54) talks to his father, Rodney Nahama (87), about his family's Greek roots, Rodney's life being born in New York City and later moving to Los Angeles with his family, and his long career in the oil industry.