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Nicholas Sosnivka and Orest Sison

Nicholas "Nicky" Sosnivka (20) has a conversation with his childhood friend Orest Sison (20) about growing up in Ukrainian Village in Chicago, and they discuss how the pandemic made their community stronger.

Lida Vera Nedilsky and Orest Sosnivka

Orest Sosnivka (28) talks to his friend, Lida Vera Nedilsky (51), about moving to the US from Ukraine as a child, his family, being a performer and entertainer, his travels thus far, and his solution-oriented belief system.

Marta Kozbur and Lida Nedilsky

Marta Kozbur (62) has a conversation with her cousin Lida Nedilsky (51) about their grandmother Baba Tanya, and some of the fairy tales and Ukrainian tales they grew up listening to.

Lida Nedilsky and LiaLia Kuchma

Lida Nedilsky (51) interviews her mentor, LiaLia Kuchma (77), about her memories of moving to Chicago from Ukraine in the 1950s, the Ukrainian Village community, her work as an artist, and her reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic.