Ireland Interview

I have interviewed Alice Sharos who immigrated from Ireland to the United States

Growing up And School

This an interview with Xochitl Bautista, my mother, about her growing up and school.I asked questions about her childhood and school memories.

COVID-19 Interview with Robb Aikens

Lily interviews her dad about how COVID-19 has affected him and his work life. Lily got to hear about how much has changed with his company and work life.

Military Life in the 1930’s, the Cavalry

Life in the Army Cavalry for a captain’s family. This was in the late 1930’s before WWII and the mechanization of the Army

Who Said What?: Comparing American and Vietnamese Medias and Governments

American college student Annie Phan talks to her father, Dr. Chuong Phan, about the differences and similarities between Communist Vietnamese and Democratic American media. Dr. Phan shares his experiences of growing up during the Vietnam War and what his migration...

Sharing Memories and Thoughts with Nana Lou

Ashley Hedge is Lula Burnett’s granddaughter, the family calls her Nana Lou. Nana Lou got diagnosed with lung cancer, and after treatment the cancer returned. She decided this time to not go through treatment. Ashley wanted to ask Nana some...

Gun control

Great interview with Jesse , we believe gun control should be regulated and very closely monitored but we cannot strip the citizens their right to bare arms

Kate Sanchez and Amol Kulkarni: A 38 Year Old Happy Interracial Marriage

Kate Sanchez (68) and Amol Kulkarni (66) talk about how their diverse childhoods and societal mores have influenced their 38 year old interracial marriages. They reflect on the challenges and benefits of being in an interracial marriage and its impact...

Interview with Robert Krejca

This interview is about my dad's life as he explain his relationships to people, his outlook on life, and views in society.

My Grandmother’s Great Big Immigration Story

In this interview, I, Kiara Mejia, ask my grandmother, Gladys Paniagua, what her life was like in the Dominican Republic. From there, we talk about her transition to the United States and what she still hopes for in her life.

interview with my mom

A daughter is interviewing her mother about her life and how she feels about where she is at right now.

Interview with Dad

A shortened version of my Dad’s early childhood, Military life, and professional career.

American studies project:Valentina Aguilar

Interview on Dilma Demartino(my grandmother) about her immigration from Honduras to United States.

Interview with Lamenais Louis

I, Hannah Cunningham, interviewed my branch president Lamenais Louis about his emigration from Haiti to the United States. In the interview, we talked about how he met his wife, Suzette, how he found the gospel, and the Haitian traditions he...

Rodolfo Garcia (Son)-Rose Garcia (Mother) Interview

An interesting conversation between me and my loving mother whom I love very much and got to know very well during this interview.