Hygd Hardin and Michael Grow

One Small Step conversation partners Hydg Hardin (73) and Michael "Mike" Grow (76) discuss their lives and beliefs, as well formative experiences in college, travels, childhood moves, and impactful experiences shared with their grandparents.

Andrew Knight and Paul Jeffrey

One Small Step partners Andrew Knight (25) and Paul Jeffrey (58) discuss growing up in large families, their evolving religious beliefs, parenting goals, and Paul's negative interactions with the police.

Geneva McCall and John McCall

Geneva Hurley McCall (78) shares her educational journey with her Son, John McCall (48).

My Grandma Gigi’s childhood.

I am Daniel Mueller and I am 14 years old and I took this interview with my Grandma Gigi who lives alone nearby and she has dementia. We took this interview in my house after thanksgiving dinner on November 23,...

Barbara Still and Nell Wright

Nell Potter Wright (98) shares memories with her daughter, Barbara Still (71), of growing up in Virginia, going to nursing school, and being in Nurse Corps during World War II. She remembers her late husband, Alfonso Franklin Wright Jr., and...