Thoughts/Reflection on Broadcasting course

Yeow Wen Wei is my friend and classmate in Broadcasting class. This interview is about his thoughts on Broadcasting classes conducted in Y1S1.

Interview with a media practitioner

I have conducted an interview with a media practitioner, Ms.Kathy, who had been working in the broadcasting industry for many years.

Interview with Linda(Taiwan film producer).

This is an interview with a Malaysian film producer who currently working in Taiwan.She shared about her experiences and opinions as a film producer.

Interview About Video Assignment

This is an interview with Mr Chris about his point of view regarding my video assignment.

Interview with Director Quek

This interview is about the experiences working in media or film industry, and the change in the working environments and technologies for a director. The director that I ha interviewed for is Director Quek Shio Chuan, graduated UTAR broadcasting senior....

General Election Interview

This is an audio interview with UTAR foundation lecturer,Mr Bernard Yee about his opinion of Malaysia general election.

Reflection about Broadcasting and Making Waves

I’m interview my friends JieYun and WengLer about their reflection of Broadcasting and Making Waves event.

An interview with Malaysian film director.

An interview with James Lee, a film director who is managing a youtube channel now.

Review on 1 Minute Video Assignment

This is an interview conducted in Utar, Sungai Long, Kajang, with Mr Joe. He has given his opinions and suggestions on my 1 minute video. Link to the video:[0]=68.ARDDr5DXFZ6GNzyWOrCA5-kQPAEW5iYPQrYf4iRdEHqx4E8sTxL3KltxE2pVqXvhPd7DNYa12PUjU0TqS3myNlZT4dFzRY8na_G5ePMwyg76fZNsYI9MhS8QTcUfvFMfto8eeNg&__tn__=FC-R&fb_dtsg_ag=Adwfx34Z9A8kgQ_YH41mXS67BXcNpMDOwe8OmhQSttf_Gg%3AAdx8nPeFyh0boJdw0_Uw9KFELqWaUWBINi44Mtfnnbc6rA

Malaysia Director

What is the difference of media between old days and now

Reflection Of Making Waves Event

Interview Mr Muhamad about his reflection to Making Waves event on !7 &18 of July in UTAR MPH hall.

Lien Chien Hung, a Taiwan Independent Director

A conversation with an independent Director who came from Taiwan, about his ten years experiences working in the media an broadcasting industry and his opinion about the changes in this industry with new technologies.

Interview on GE 14

I interviewed a UTAR lecturer on the topic of the 14th General Election, which had happened a month ago.