Fears of the everyday life of high school

Interviewing my son Oscar Ramirez Jr, 17 years old, and how he felt about the school threats in his high school. How has the situation affected his ability to continue school and see if there is anything that continues to...

The Effects of Machismo

The participants in the video include Jessica Reyes (21) and Miguel Lucero (22), friends of Dalia Valdez (21). The main topic of the video is Machismo; Dalia asks a couple of questions related to what kind of Machismo the participants...

all choked up…Amy Stell and Larry Thompson

Amy Stell: 2020-06-25 21:21:01 Amy Stell (48) visits with her father, Larry Thompson (77) and briefly her mother, Ethwa Ann Thompson (75), about their El Paso connection, meeting mama, and advice for his grandchildren.

Richard Pineda and John Carrillo

John Carrillo (68) interviews his colleague Richard Pineda (47) about the mentors, family members, and places that have most impacted him.

Denied abortion by the Border

a local mother in the border of El Paso finds herself reflecting on the past of her miscarriage.

"Do what good you can" Chris Spangler, Wesley Donaldson, Joseph Palmer

Chris Spangler talks with his cousin Wesley Donaldson and friend Joseph Palmer, who are both Police Officers and went to high school together, about how to better reform the police. With many calling for defunding the police, what are some...