TJ & Scott Acord

TJ has always led an active life full of running, biking, working out and travel. All of that has come to an abrupt halt now that she is battling long covid. She is unable to do most of the things...

Alicia Swift & Scott Acord

Alicia is young and has always led an active life until she was infected with Covid in 2021. She beat the original symptoms, but has since been battling long covid which has taken its toll on her. The worst of...

David ter Kuile and Sean Carroll

Colleagues David ter Kulie (51) and Sean Carroll (43) discuss the ways auxiliary services at Vanderbilt University stepped up as leaders to help the university navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and welcome students back for the fall 2020 semester.

Andrea George and Pamela Jones

Colleagues Andrea George (52) and Pamela "Pam" Jones (62) discuss how they balanced their personal and professional lives at Vanderbilt University during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Derek Bruff and Stacey Johnson

Colleagues Derek Bruff (45) and Stacey Johnson [no age given] discuss how they were able to develop a course design institute to support Vanderbilt faculty in adjusting to teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caroline Wilkerson and Robby Espano

Caroline Wilkerson (21) and her boyfriend, Robby Espano (21), discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their relationship, their family lives, and their lives as students.

Eric Kopstain and Steven Ertel

Vice Chancellors Eric Kopstain (52) and Steven "Steve" Ertel (44) discuss how COVID-19 impacted the Vanderbilt community and the university's decision to offer in-person learning during the 2020 school year.

Kevin Galloway and Emily Phillips Galloway

Husband and wife, Kevin Galloway (41) and Emily Phillips Galloway (38), have a conversation about how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their home life and their professional lives.

Katherine Sharp and Alf Sharp

Katherine Sharp [no age given] exchanges with her husband, Alf Sharp [no age given], their memories growing up in racially segregated towns in Tennessee, impactful events from their university years at Vanderbilt, and moments from when KS taught at a...

Tiffany Callaway Ferrell and Kiplyn Primus

Kiplyn Primus (60) and fellow Atlanta Business League member Tiffany Callaway-Ferrell (49) have a conversation about Tiffany's childhood, her education, and her career path as a chemical engineer.

Suzanne Martin & Scott Acord

Suzanne and her husband both contracted covid in March of 2021. Her husband did not survive covid, but Suzanne did, but has been dealing with severe symptoms of long-covid ever since. Prior to having covid, Suzanne lived a very active...

Pam Bishop & Lyla Bishop

Pam, a research scientist contracted covid in December of 2020 and recovered from initial infection, but has struggled with long-covid ever since. Before covid she had a career she loved, had a very active life with her family but long...