Media Perspective & Discrepancies around the World – Damian Mayaki and Jaime Mayaki

I am Damian Mayaki and I interviewed my father about his media experiences throughout his life, and his experience with it in different parts of the world he has lived in.

Isabella Vera Interview

Interview of Andres Vera about his experience for immigration to the united states

Interview with my Cousin Dani

Talking with my older cousin Dani about his life and memories we have together growing up.

World History extra credit 11/26/21

I’m interviewing my dad who is 100% Filipino and moved to America sometime in elementary school. My mom’s side is Filipino & Venezuelan so I’m in this interview he mentions both cultures.

English Project

This interview talks about Indira Tesara’s life in general, childhood and teenage life. College life is also included.

Mari Fernandez and Albert Fernandez

Mari Teresa Fernandez (67) and her husband, Albert R. Fernandez (71), discuss memories of growing up. Albert Fernandez describes growing up in the immigrant neighborhood of Ybor City in Tampa, Florida. Mari Fernandez describes migrating from Cuba at seven years...

La Resistencia

A brief interview with the Venezuelan journalist and writer of the book "La Resistencia", Jesus Barrera.

Making opportunity

My father talks about his journey about moving to California and starting a new life l

Entrevista a papá

We talk about being optimistic in this difficult moment of our life, about hard work, family and about our country Venezuela.

Linnea and her Abuela talk about Abuela’s first experiences in America

Linnea Guy (13), from Greenville, South Carolina and Miriam Wood (69), also from Greenville but originally from Caracas, Venezuela, discuss early experiences from Miriam’s first months spent in America. In this interview, conducted in Greenville, South Carolina on November 28,...

Damellys Sacriste and Lida Hawkins

Damellys Sacriste (50) le entrevista a su madre, Lida Hawkins [edad retenida] sobre su infancia y familia, su esposo y como se fueron conociendo, y sobre la situación política en Venezuela cuando vivía allí. [Damellys Sacriste (50) interviews her mother,...

Learning About My Father – George Sabeh

My father tells me about how working hard and being flexible to different cultures and lifestyles is valuable in life, how he wants me to find happiness and be happy, and recounts his experiences. Immigrating from Venezuela to Syria to...

Oral History Project

In this interview, I spoke with my mom about her life and about how I impact her life.

Friend's Life Story – Peru and Venezuela.

Peruvian by ethnicity, Venezuelan by nationality, and now an immigrant in the US we talk about 25 year old Lucero's Peruvian and Venezuelan family and identity.

Eric's Story, Venezuelan Refugee November 2022 (Spanish)

Eric (38) speaks with grad student Yoli (32) about his family's experience immigrating to the US from Venezuela in 2022.