The Great Thanksgiving Interview

This interview is about the lives of my family on my fathers side and what they have experienced throughout their lives.

Sophie Yarwood interviews her father Brian Yarwood on Thanksgiving 2017

Interview with Brian and Sophie Yarwood about Brian’s early life in Iowa with some stories about his time in Togo Africa when he was in the Peace Corps 1984-87

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my father about his childhood and life as a young adult and what he learned from it, compared to what he’s learned as an adult, plus the experiences he had as a child also compared to his adult...

Kyra pronounced kyyyyyra

Dillon moss is extremely exquisite and really great in this so u should listen and learn

Belisle Thanksgiving Listen
November 28, 2019 App Interview

We talked about our holiday memories. Adult and childhood memories.

My Mother and I

Because I am going to college soon and have started the application. I wanted to know more about my mothers childhood and what her college experience was like. I also wanted to know how she ended up moving thausands of...


My mom talked about her experiences growing up and about my life

Interviewing Faith

I, Morgan, talked with my classmate, and friend about her own personal life and the stuff she would like to be remembered by and the things she’d do differently. Faith talks about her life living in Vermont and then having...

Two Close Calls

The worst car accidents my dad’s been in took place only two months apart.

interviewing my mom

In this interview my mom thought of two of her most influential people in her life.

Interview with my Dad, Mike

I decided to interview my Dad (Mike) for a school assignment. Growing up he was always sharing stories and advice with me and my siblings (Kyle, Jack, and Anna). My dad is an incredibly influential person in my life and...

Great thanksgiving listen

I asked my Grandmother the questions that were given then I asked her two questions of my own.

Tyler Bobbitt and his father, Greg Bobbitt, talk about what I‎t was like growing up, memorable moments and regrets.

In this interview, conducted on January 2, 2018, in Niskayuna New York, Tyler Bobbitt and his father Greg Bobbitt start off talking about Greg’s childhood and what the effects of many siblings, growing up outdoors and growing up in a...

Then Great Thanksgiving Listen-Ben McKenna

Some of my grandmother’s history in her life was touched on and mainly where she has traveled. Also my grandmother talked about how she loves spending time with her family in Vermont.

Interview with George Merkel; Coach and Cheif of Police

My Interview with George Merkel, a former Army guardsman and current Cheif of Police in Vergennes Vermont. He is also my Lineman Coach for football.