Roy Branklin and Fredrick Hoogland

One Small Step partners Fredrick "Fred" Hoogland (75) and Roy Branklin (58) discuss their military service, racism in the United States, and their involvement with the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Interview with Mom

This is an interview with my mom about her childhood, life in Vietnam and generally anything that she wanted to share (also sorry that this isn't in English my mom isn't fluent enough for that)

My Mom's Life and Many Other Things

Me and My Mom, Dan Tran (42) talked about many topics such as moving to the U.S., growing up, her dreams, love, and many other things.

Yingcho Saechao and Janit Saechao

Janit Saechao (28) interviews her grandmother Yingcho Saechao (67) about living in a refugee camp in Thailand, how she decided to adopt her sister's daughter, and what their life was like when they first came to the US.

The Ticonderoga experience with Thomas Lange

In this interview we talk about the navy, war, and the life of a Sailer. Thomas Lange talks about his most fun and scariest moments on the aircraft carrier. This is a great story for people interested in the navy...

Evelyn Sroufe and Gerald Graves

Gerald "Jerry" Graves (74) talks to his sister Evelyn Cruz Sroufe (76) about his Navy service during the Vietnam War and the impact it has had on him.

Growing up in Vietnam is not an easy journey

Interviewing my Mom, Thanh Lam about her childhood memories of growing up. Growing up in a low income family, she felt unhappy seeing her friends at her age having a comfortable life.

Declan's ELA Interview With Dad

Talked to my father about his travels abroad after college and how it affected him and other people.

Frances Stewart and Herbert Loveless

One Small Step partners Frances Stewart (79) and Herbert "Herb" Loveless (68) have a conversation about their political upbringings, advice to their younger selves, and their views and experiences around the Vietnam War.

Curt Weaver, Vietnam vet, and his experience in the Navy.

Curtis Weaver, a 77 year old E5 Vietnam Veteran, discusses his time in the Navy from 1965-1972. Notably, he assisted in salvage after the USS Frank E. Evans collision. Interview includes personal anecdotes, comments, and descriptions of his life and...

Life in the US Part ll

Larianna Riel (17) interviews her best friend Quynh Tran (17), to discuss her life back in Vietnam compared to life in the US. She goes over her transition to new cultures, learning a new language, meeting new people, and talking...

Tea Time with Ted

During this interview, I discussed with Cuong Nguyen (my father) about his history, his family, his dreams when he first migrated to the United States. I also discussed his hopes for me and my older brother.

Interview with an American citizen about his experience in the 1960s

In this interview I ask questions to a former Vietnam solider about his experience in the war, his experience in the 1960's and his thoughts on the current events in the 1960's

Joel Nichols and Mike Archer

Friends Joel Nichols (56) and Mike Archer (69) come together to remember and honor Joel's father, the late Chaplain Nichols, who served with Mike during the Vietnam war.

Interview with Annie Le

Annie and I talked about her experience of moving to Knoxville and the similarities and differences she has noticed between Knoxville and Minnesota, where she most recently lived, and where she grew up in Vietnam.