Service Corps 2019 – Kristen Tupa

Kristen is talking about her experience in Levi Strauss Service Corps trip in Vietnam

Vince Myers life story overview

In this interview I talked about what his life was like growing up.

Story about me

We talked about our past and future. Please enjoy our conversation.

The Vietnam war from my grandfathers view

My interview was over FaceTime I asked my grandpa about his experience in the Vietnam war he talked about how it affected his life going into it and after it he said that it didn’t have much of a big...

Vietnam War

Interviews with my uncle about the Vietnam War.

Toan Tran

My father tells a little about his life experiences

Ba Ngoai Tinh Nguyen 11/23/2017

Grandma shared with me a few questions about her life and outlook on life.

“We were called the walking dead.”

I interviewed my Grandfather about his experience in the Marine Corps

Grandfather and grandson discuss the Vietnam War.
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Curtis Kukal interviews his grandfather Curt Brannan about his time in Vietnam as a Navy chaplain. Curt was stationed with the first bn 3 mr USMC.

Ken Luse

My grandpa (Poppy or Ken) I think really enjoyed talking about his time in the military. He also seemed confident about meeeting my grandma (Nanni or Patti).

The Story Of My Dad’s Life

My dad talks about his life as a child and his experiences throughout life overall including his migration to America. Also, he talks about what I was like as a child and what he would like in the future.

Linda Gorham and Gwendolyn Hilary

Linda Gorham (58) tells her friend Gwendolyn Hilary (68) about being a professional storyteller. She also talks about what she learned from her grandfather who was a Pullman Porter, her passion for golf and how she learned about race in...

Interview with Grandma Roberta

My interview was about my Grandmother and some of her favorite memories, occupations, and all of her travels. She shares fascinating stories both funny but full of interesting detail and facts about her life growing up and her experiences with...