The Ticonderoga experience with Thomas Lange

In this interview we talk about the navy, war, and the life of a Sailer. Thomas Lange talks about his most fun and scariest moments on the aircraft carrier. This is a great story for people interested in the navy...

StoryCorps Interview With My Grandpa- Jackson Greene

In this interview I talked to my grandfather about his life. We talked about his childhood, Vietnam, and my grandmother. Bill is 78 and I am 12. He suffers from dementia so there were a couple of things that were...

Tea Time with Ted

During this interview, I discussed with Cuong Nguyen (my father) about his history, his family, his dreams when he first migrated to the United States. I also discussed his hopes for me and my older brother.

Interview with Grandpa

This was an interview with my Papa, about his deployment in Vietnam.

Revealing Truths, One Story at a Time

This interview took place in Thornton, CO on May 19th, 2019. In this interview I ask my 70 year old grandpa questions about his life in Denver, Colorado, where he grew up. We go in depth about his experience in...

Annyeong Phuc

Ronny (Phuc) Vo talking about his childhood and how it’s made him the person he is today!

Interview with my dad

I asked my dad about his favorite memories and stories in the U.S. and Vietnam.

Michael Davis interview Vietnam Draft

We talked about my Grandfather serving in the army and where exactly he served

From Vietnam to America: Dau

This is an interview with my grandpa Dau who was an Air Force pilot during the Vietnam War. He was captured and forced to stay in a communist prison camp where they were forced to do manual labor in order...

Sarah Maiberger and Everett Thomas

Sarah Maiberger (61) has a conversation with her father, Everett Thomas (90), about his experience in the service and their life as a military family.

George Balashak

George Balaschak a 79 year old Pittsburgh native living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has a conversation with his 21 year old grandson Nicholas Gallagher. George discusses growing up in Braddock, Pennsylvania, his time in the Navy during the Vietnam...

Growing up in Vietnam is not an easy journey

Interviewing my Mom, Thanh Lam about her childhood memories of growing up. Growing up in a low income family, she felt unhappy seeing her friends at her age having a comfortable life.

great thanksgiving listen 2019- jade petersen

My grandmother lived in Vietnam until 1975. She grew up in Heu, where she lived in a convent from ages 12-17.

My grandfather’s Vietnam experiences

My grandfather's experience flying transport missions and managing Saigon International Airport during the Vietnam War