An Interview with Mom

My Mom is Brigitta Woodward, born and raised in Kalrsruhe, Germany, and 59 years young. My parents married in Germany when my mom was 32, and she left her life there to move to upstate New York with my siblings...

Chief Kevin Aviles

Chief Aviles talks about his time before his time in the Navy, during, and after the military.

“I wanted to see a sustainable coastal Virginia”: Virginia Wasserberg, 7 June 2018

Virginia Wasserberg, community leader of a Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) project in Virginia Beach, shares her journey of community activism after a flooding disaster in her hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia. She discusses how her work with the TEX has...

Annyeong Phuc

Ronny (Phuc) Vo talking about his childhood and how it’s made him the person he is today!

Mother and Daughter Discuss Diversity in the Film Industry

Sahara Sriraman is a freshman at the VCU Honors College who hopes to pursue a career in journalism. Natasha Sriraman is a pediatrician, author, mother, and international speaker. She discusses the level of diversity in film she experienced as a...

Conversations with Nana

A quick conversation with Catherine French, our dad/granddad’s mother.

10 year old describes LOVE

I ask my 10 year old brother, Landen, what he thinks LOVE means.

Interviewing grandpa

We talked about childhood, meeting grandma, an influential teacher of his, what he thought he was going to be when he grew up when he was young, his favorite music as a child, what it was like when he found...

The Farmer

My father tells a story about getting into trouble with a farmer as a kid in the time before the suburbs took over.

CDR Bertrum W Wendall Jr USN Ret

A man who seved in Vietnam as a Photographer documenting the U.S. Navy's role in combat operations and Public Affairs events, such as, humanitarian relief (food distributuion and medical assistance) support to the South Vietnamese people.

Salem High School NJROTC VETS TO CADETS – Petty Officer 1st Class James Clinton

Petty Officer First Class James Clinton shares his story of the military life. He explains the benefits and the challenges he had overcome as he worked further in the service.

Laotian Father Tells His Experiences Growing Up in a Changing World of Media

Father and daughter have a light conversation about the changing world of media and how he has experienced it.