Ms.Voegeli talks about growing up with a single parent and the struggle that she faced to get to where she is today.

In this interview, conducted on June 7th, 2018, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Ms. Elizabeth Voegeli, a beloved teacher in the Tallwood High School’s Global Studies and World Languages Academy, talks about her childhood and the past experiences that shapes who...

Recording – 11-26-2023 18:41:13

me and my mom interview. we speak on high school, how competitive it is to attend college. the differences of Hampton roads culture.

Jack and his host parent Mr. Pittman talk about life experiences.

In his interview, conducted in December 2017 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Jack (17) interviews his host parent (61) about childhood and earlier years’ experiences in his hometown. Mr. Pittman described his most difficult time when his mother died when he...

Sharing the gift of life

Sarah shares her struggles about hiding her teen pregnancy and her experience with adoption

Project for History

We talked about some of our outlooks on issues in the world

my mother’s childhood

Even though my mother had a hard childhood, however, she has yet to allow that to have a negative impact on her life. She has learned and grown from her past experiences and it had ultimately shaped her as a...

Life as a Military Spouse

Mrs. Morelli, a military spouse and mother of 2 teens, talks about being a military spouse and the challenges of living in the modern world.

My Dad

We talked about who my father is and the things and people in his life that are significant to him.

Vets & Cadets 1

An interview of a veteran’s life while serving the U.S. Navy.

Okie Thompson
December 29, 2021 App Interview

Interview with Okie about his life and family (cut short at end due to technical difficulties). start around 3:45, the opening is a little slow.

Cealy Brown and Jennifer Frederic

Cealy Brown (76) has a conversation with her StoryCorps interviewer Jennifer Frederic (41) about Marianne Lester, Cealy's girlfriend in college during the late 1960s and how their outing impacted both of their lives.

APUSH StoryCorps Interview Kaitlin Saal

In the conducted interview, we discussed my grandmother’s childhood, relationships, opportunities, and valuable lessons learned in her life.

Christina MacBride and Grady Jackson

Christina MacBride (54) talks to her father, Grady Jackson (82), about his experience in Vietnam and the plane crash that he survived while serving in the Navy.

The One and Only

In this interview, conducted in June 2018 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Shirell (17) interviews her Coach Mr. Rinehardt (25) about his childhood and being a military child. Mr. Rinehardt shares stories of his hobbies and why he enjoys Tallwood. At...

Instant Replay: My Dad’s years at the NFL + The teamwork between Football & Media (PART 1)

Touchdown! Ex Vice President of Operations for the Houston Texans, Barry Asimos reflects on his time at the NFL, & how the media plays into it all.

Success & Failure

Bes Dela Cruz gives her input on what success and failure look like to her and how her life experiences have shaped her views.

Mr. Sam/Sydney

Basic questions about military and experience in the military