Interview with Mathias pt uni

We just talk a little about Mathias and his background.

Me & Mom

Mom & I talked about some of her proudest memories and what makes her her.

Roommates Talk About Life

As roommates and Virginia Tech and high school friends, Blake and I talk about life, the future, and our experiences up to this point.

A Look into Grad School And STEM Fields

I interviewed my sister about her life and career goals and her experiences in the college, grad school, and STEM communities. As a high school senior, I found it interesting to hear about the life outside of traditional college. I...

Getting to understand my roommate better!

I’ve spent already a semester and a half with my roommate and we’re very similar but there are still deeper things that I am not aware of so in this conversation we both get really deep into politics which we...

Jake and I

Just a convo with Jake and I that describes us well.