Mrs. Hill Gets Interviewed by Jenny Lu
November 30, 2021 App Interview

A talk with Nancy Hill, a mother, Algebra teacher, (and someone who I thought is really funny and loved being around,) shares about the timeline of her life and touches on her childhood, career, toughest moments, proudest moments, as well...

The great listen

I go to interview my dad on his life and experiences.

Jackie ONeil History

Grandma memories of growing the Great Depression and WW2. Memories of family

Ally Tiryakioglu & Arson Nicki

Arson Nicki and I talked about gender, drag, childhood, and her life as whole.

Minj and Me

Sisters, Minji and Madison Lye, talk about the various memories and lessons they created and learned together growing up and how it affects their relationship now.


In this interview, I talked to my best friend Lauren Yates, and we discussed the coronavirus and how she is being affected while living in Washington.

The closed wooden door: A 10 year old’s perspective on COVID-19

Though I was fully vaccinated, very careful and wearing mask most of the time I got COVID-19. I did not know how I got it but decided to isolate myself at home in my room to prevent infecting my two...

About my host family’s mom.

We talk about so many thing about her personal life, memories, opinions and how she learned cooking so well.

Paige Munsey & Steve Allen – Courage Interview

Steve Allen, raised in California, but moved to Vancouver, WA talks about his experience being an EMT and police officer.

Mom and Me: Thanksgiving

We talked about early life and how it affected us now. We also talked about traditions and our legacy.

Senior to Senior: Tim Conley 2018

This interview was done for a Senior to Senior project. During this interview we discussed Tim Conley’s political thoughts and his career as a police officer for 32 years.

Grandma Betty shares stories growing up in Washington and experiences of happiness with Granddaughter Myriah

Betty Adams lived and grew up in Kitsap county, Washingtom for over 75 years and happily together with to Steve Adams for over 55 years. After his death (at age 100), Betty (at age 76) made the big move to...

Jerry Gadek and Cammy Anderson

Colleagues, Jerry Gadek (52) and Cammy Hart-Anderson (51) have a conversation about their work helping veterans dealing with homelessness.