Interview – Rhi and Me

Rhi, who is my daughter, talks about her research on her family history and about living with Aspergers.

Interview of Pastor Joe, Spokane, WA

This is an interview of Pastor Joe Wittwer, covering everything from his childhood to what Jesus is currently doing in the city of Spokane, WA.

Moms interview

In this interview we went over our life together, pointing out advice for my future, and her life when she was younger.

Paulette de Coriolis and Susan Keene

Susan Keene (54) interviews Paulette de Coriolis (68) about her life as a transgender woman and a mental health therapist. They discuss how each of those identities supports and informs the other.

Frank Schosboek

I interview my mom about my great grandfather, Frank.

Senior to Senior project

I interview a fellow cast member in Young Frankenstein about his life and highs and lows and general questions. Apologies for the background noise, people were arriving for our show we have tonight!

CMST 331 Final Project

Growing up and going to college. General life experiences. Work life balance. Advice for future generations.

Sarah’s First Camping Experience

I asked Sarah about her experience during her first ever camping trip.

Camari Olson and Laura Bancroft

Camari Olson (50) and Laura Bancroft (53), two close friends talk about Camari surviving breast cancer twice, their love of adventure, and how their friendship has helped each to face challenging times and embrace life.

Thanksgiving Interview

Thanksgiving Interview was about a few questions about my dads life. Traditional

Interview with Serena

A quick Q & A with my girlfriend, just before our one year anniversary.

CMST Interpersonal Communication Interview

Rhiannon talks about some notable experiences and people in her life, as well as interests in various aspects. She also gives her feelings on certain relationships.

Aimee Adelmann, Laura Ellsworth, and Kristyna Wentz-Graff

Aimee Adelmann (32) and Laura Ellsworth (41) talk about the experience of having had kidney transplants with donated kidneys from their fathers. They talk about how the transplants have shaped their lives, the experience of being sick during their twenties,...

Mom and Me: Thanksgiving

We talked about early life and how it affected us now. We also talked about traditions and our legacy.

Mrs. Hill Gets Interviewed by Jenny Lu
November 30, 2021 App Interview

A talk with Nancy Hill, a mother, Algebra teacher, (and someone who I thought is really funny and loved being around,) shares about the timeline of her life and touches on her childhood, career, toughest moments, proudest moments, as well...