Big brother

Imani and I talked about the barbershop, how people have genuine interactions, and most importantly how our generation has grown to care more of the politics that control them.

Taylor Woodbury interviews her grandma Sandra Pitcairn

Sandra Pitcairn talked about how she felt when she had cancer. She talked about the person who affected her life the most. She talked about her brother being murdered. She tells us about what her parents were like.

Gong Gong

We talked about his life, hardest and funnest things. His life story.

Learning about hard work from Mom

Mom shared what she learned growing up on a farm, what her grandparents taught her, the tough things she’s gone through. We (her kids) have experienced very little hardship, especially compared to her.

Interview with Grandmother
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Barbara Watson was born in 1952 in Kansas and moved to Alabama. Her father served in The Korean War and was a computer programmer after that. Her mother was a nurse. She moved to Washington in the late 1950s and...

Life lessons with Scolastica and Rinah

As we go through this interview we get to learn about Scolastica (Rinah’s mom) her morals, life lessons and hopes for the future.

“It was as if I never heard that before…”

Father Steve Petroff is a kind of survivor on the spiritual journey--a model for anyone who believes that if you work hard and stay close to God, doors that appeared closed will open. Just before his ordination as a Paulist...

Valerie Kling and Regina Weldert

One Small Step conversation partners Valerie Kling (61) and Regina Weldert (71) discuss the transformative moments in their lives, their shared love of connecting with others, creative expression, love as an ethic, and gender identity.

SL Project

Maria E. Dominguez (42) talks about her childhood experiences as a Hispanic in predominantly white communities. The interview also describes how discrimination has affected her identity in society.

Tamales in the time of a pandemic

Sometimes, a tamale is all you need to brighten your 50th day at home during a pandemic

Mom's Memories of Mount St. Helens

Leslie Heffernan, (43) speaks with her mother, Judith Holter; (75) about her memories of the eruption of Mount St. Helens on the 40th anniversary of the eruption.

John Ramirez and Maira Sanchez

Coworkers, John Ramirez (33) and Maira Sanchez (25), have a conversation about sandwiches, their experiences, Hispanic culture, their job at the library, and how their life has been since COVID-19 began.

Interview with Army Ranger Dennis Large

Dennis served in the US Army and was a proud member of the Golden Knights. He was injured in the line of duty, and that has affected his civilian life ever since.

Eli Harris and Patsy Tyvand

Eli Harris interviews Patsy Tyvand about her experiences as a mediator with the Center for Dialog & Resolution.

Richard Olchawa Ohava and Janet Hsieh

Spouses Richard Ohava (81) and Janet Hsieh [no age given] discuss their respective backgrounds, upbringings and their relationship.