Catherine Powell and Joseph Gabriszeski

One Small Step partners Catherine Powell (60) and Joseph "Joe" Gabriszeski (70) talk about poverty in the US, share who their biggest influences are, and discuss their political views.

Barbara (Bunny) Sims and Bruce Sims

Barbara (Bunny) Sims (73) and her husband, Bruce Sims (74), remember Bunny's father and the role he played in World War II while serving in the U.S. Navy. They also discuss their family, their careers, and the places they've lived.

Kristin McAtee and Marc Dreyer

One Small Step conversation partners Rev. Kristin McAtee (53) and Dr. Marc Dreyer (75) met for the first time virtually for a conversation. In it, they discuss what brought them to a career in the church, what the phrase "defunding...

Karen Bahow and Ellen Boone

Ellen Boone (82) and her daughter Karen Bahow (54) record a remembrance for Grandma Olga, who passed away 10 years ago at 104 years old. The two share stories of Olga and Olga's parents who journeyed to the U.S. from...

Claire McCoy and George Black

Claire McCoy (58) sits down with her father, George Black (86), to ask him about his experiences as an actor and his career as a professor in the theater departments of various universities.

My Nana

I interviewed my endeared grandmother who I call my Nana. She has lived a full and wonderful life. She is an example of a hard working woman and a loving friend and mother figure to all. I’m blessed to be...

Jack Prahinski interviewing John Prahinski (father), talks about life role models to the best Star Wars movie.

In January 2018, Jack Prahinski (14) Interviewed his mother John Prahinski (50) in Lynchburg, VA. We talked about his father as his life role model who were his mother and his father. We talked about the best moments of his...

Delilah Springer, Asha Springer, and Jailyn Springer

Asha Springer (44) has a conversation with her mother Delilah Springer (70) and her daugther Jailyn JuliaRachel Springer (15) about three generations of women living together in one house currently and about the dynamics that involves, as well as how...

Veronica Seymour and Marian Atkins

Marian Atkins (65) shares what she knows about her mother's life story with her daughter, Veronica Seymour (35). They discuss how she survived World War II as a child in Japan, what it was like for her to immigrate first...

Brian McDonagh and Dale Sims

One Small Step partners Brian McDonagh (26) and Dale "DD" Sims (76) have a conversation about transformations in their beliefs, their career paths, and their dreams.

Is the name of the football team “Redskins” offensive?

This interview dives into the name and stigma surrounding the famous football team, The Washington Redskins. We talk about the negative connotations that come with the name, how it makes people feel, and what should be done about it.

Coming to the US

These interview discusses Takako Kusayanagi’s first experiences when she came to the U.S. in 1979 and after. She arrived in New York, flew to Washington D.C. and from there to Terre Haut, Indiana where she completed her undergraduate studies at...

Interview with Carol Cole Kleinman – Childhood Memories

This is an interview of Dr. Carol Cole Kleinman (age 78) by her daughter Eleanor “Ellie” Kleinman (age 53). Topics discussed included growing up in the Kansas City area, discussion about her relationships with her parents, siblings and friends. Also...

Interview with Diana Nam About Life in Quarantine

We talked about what life was like for Diana Nam and her experience during quarantine because of coronavirus.

Madaha Kinsey-Lamb and Egeria Bennett

Madaha Kinsey-Lamb (73) sits down with friend and colleague Egeria Bennett (72) to speak about the early days of Mind-Builders -- a non-profit arts education center located in Bronx. They reflect on the obstacles they faced, how they chose teachers...

A Journey To and In Christian Ministry

Roberto, a youth pastor currently in central New Jersey, shares his testimony of how God has worked in his life.

Rose Tonti and Mary Miller

Mother and daughter Rose Tonti (101) and Mary Miller (62) discuss their family’s history and immigration from Italy to the United States during World War II.

Paulette Isaac Napper and Tomeka Napper

Paulette Isaac Napper [no age given] talks with her daughter Tomeka Napper (45) about leaving a record for her grandson so he knows about her life growing up in the south during the 1960s, family traditions, Jim Crow, and black...