Jay Parker and Pamela Lehman

One Small Step Conversation partners Jay Parker (55) and Pam Lehman (73) talk about growing up in a military (both Airforce) family, the can-do spirit of High Plains people, racism/segregation (not in military, but off base), how travel informs perspective,...

Oscar Moretti and Angela Moretti

Angela Moretti (57) interviews her husband, Oscar Moretti (62), about his childhood growing up in both Italy and Venezuela, why he immigrated to the United States, and together they reflect on their 35 years of marriage.

Cealy Brown and Jennifer Frederic

Cealy Brown (76) has a conversation with her StoryCorps interviewer Jennifer Frederic (41) about Marianne Lester, Cealy's girlfriend in college during the late 1960s and how their outing impacted both of their lives.

Vishal Bhuva and Parag Bhuva

Brothers, Vishal Bhuva (30) and Parag Bhuva (29) talk about their family role models and cultural principles that influenced their career choices in public service. They discuss the challenges and fulfilling aspects of their work and how they balance work,...

Rene Howard and Brandon Newell

One Small Step partners Rene Howard (19) and Brandon Newell (22) discuss their political beliefs, their life goals, and the people who have impacted their lives the most.

Denise Dauplaise and Michael Dauplaise

Siblings Denise (55) and Michael Dauplaise (60) talk about an exciting trip they took to the East Coast and then Canada to see the Olympics during the country's bicentennial in 1976.

Judith Kalb and Spring Utting

Spring Utting (40) interviews her mother, Judith Kalb (74), about her life. Judith talks about being the first person in her family to go to college, working in Washington D.C., and living in Ethiopia.

Vincente Pulupa, Ellen Pulupa, and Catherine Pulupa

Vincente Pulupa (94) habla con su nuera Ellen Pulupa (60) y su nieta Catherine Pulupa (31) sobre su carrera como chófer en los Estados Unidos. Él manejaba para mucha gente importante, incluso políticos de Suramérica. Vincente habla de sus esperanzas...

Shelley Moore Capito and Cheri Bustos

Colleagues Senator Shelley Moore Capito (69) and Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (61) talk about their participation in the congressional softball game, the meaning of public service, and the influence of their fathers. They reflect on reaching across the aisle and bridging...

Lydia Weiss and Kyle Holsinger-Johnson

Lydia Weiss (33) and Kyle Holsinger-Johnson (36) discuss childhood memories and experiences, identity, love, and navigating life. They talk about their relationship with one another and how it started, as well as their personal growth and proudest moments.

William Witherspoon and Frances Mansfield

Cousins William "Bill" Witherspoon (66) and Frances Mansfield (96) talk about her experiences living in Africa with her husband and sons during the 1960s while her husband worked for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Heather Hartman-Hall and Daniel Marchalik

Colleagues Heather Hartman-Hall (50) and Daniel "Dan" Marchalik (37) reflect on their paths to their current careers, their work on well-being in health care, and the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.