Johns story 2

Finishing johns story of his life living in a communist country and his journey of escaping to west Germany

Interview with my Grandfather Veteran

Discussion with my Grandfather, an American lieutenant in West Germany, during the Cold War

Siggie and Gavin Wagner- Reflections

Gavin Wagner (18) reflects with his Oma (grandmother), Siggie Wagner (71), about tornadoes, obtaining US citizenship, and growing up in post-war Western Germany. Through recalling memories and stories, we learn about how the world has changed and is still changing.

Johns story

John grew up in Hungary till the age of 14 then escaped into communist east Germany where he spent a few years working in the mines then escaped to west German where he lived for a couple years before moving...

Jennifer Bahnaman and Gertrud Zoeller

Jennie interviews her friend Gertrud (83) about her experiences as a refugee from Bohemia, first to Germany and then to the United States, as well as her time as a Wisconsin Master Gardener where she established the first butterfly garden...

Corinna Currier and Olivia Garcia

Corinna Currier (51) talks to her friend, coworker, and former Girl Scout member, Olivia Garcia (19), about what it was like growing up in East Germany, her memories from the day the Berlin Wall came down, and how she came...

Karen Schnur and Renate Benjamins

Karen Schnur (55) interviews her aunt Renate Benjamins (90) about Renate's early life as a child during World War II in Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland), and Renate's eventual immigration to the United States in the 1950s.

Michelle [No Name Given] and Gabi [No Name Given]

Sisters Michelle [No Name Given] (56) and Gabi [No Name Given] (52) reflect on their upbringing as military children, their own careers in the military, their family relationships, and how those experiences influence who they are today.