Celebrate life ft. My Mom

My mom talks about her life growing up and what it was like

Shivam Kalra interviews his Mom Rajni Kalra about her childhood and her happy moments

In this interview on Nov, 17 2018 and I interviewed my mom and she talked about her childhood. And her special moments in her life and at the end she talks about my childhood and how I was like.

A Life Well Lived -Paula Hoffman Fine

Paula Fine was born in 1941 in Chicago. She defied current standards of women's position in society by seeking "more." She attended college and earned a Masters in Library Science. She worked as an English teacher as well as a...

Daniela Barragan talks to her dad Manuel Barragan about growing up and 9/11 in Whitewater, Wisconsin

In the recording interview, Daniela Barragan (15) talks to Manuel Barragan (44) about his childhood in Mexico. They also discussed about what he did when 9/11 happened and how it impacted him.

Jeeps & Bottle Rockets

Charlie Ogden interviewing his father, David Ogden, and discussing growing up in Neenah, WI and his childhood experiences with a young hard-working family.

Conversation with Mark Rudd

We talked about his upbringing and how he built himself to be a successful entrepreneur.

Interview with Cameron

Cameron talks about his experiences with snowcross, and how he got into it.

Ava Gerlach-Schwarz interviews grandfather, Vern Schwarz in Oregon, Wisconsin.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Oregon, Wisconsin, Ava Gerlach-Schwarz interviews her grandfather Vern Schwarz about his childhood and work life. Vern shares stories of his work and how it has impacted his life as well as how...

An Interview With My Dad

This is an interview with my dad on how his parents influenced his life.

Us history 9/11 story

I ask my dad questions about where he was and what he was doing when he heard about the terrorist attack on 9/11

The Story Of My Birth

This interview is about my parents and I and my journey of being born. It is shared if he hardships that they faced and what they gained by this experience.

Carol A Bridges Gorton:My Mom

Sharing memories together with my mother on Thanksgiving 2018.

Life as a Female Pastor

My mom is freaking cool. She’s pushed through a lot to get to where she is, and still is willing to give her all for Jesus