Clark Kingery ~ My Story

It is important to have strength, character, love, trust, and to listen carefully, plan carefully and, love your family. Love makes you want to do the right things.

On COVID-19, From a Nursing Home Resident

At Hillside Center nursing facility in Wilmington, DE, resident Robert Flowers details his experience with the hardships of the pandemic as a resident in a nursing home, how it compares to his other major life events, and his disregard for...

Bill DiNome and Michael Barron

One Small Step partners Bill DiNome (65) and Michael Barron (70) talk about their upbringings, the role of government, and the role of those in the political "middle."

Interview with “Saba” Goldlust

An evening conversation about a loving grandfather with his son (and grandson) about growing up in New York City

How my Grandmother came to America

This interview is about my grandmother new life here in America. And her education.

Leonard Interview: Father Son Bonding

We talked about my dad’s past, his personality, and our family’s history!

Having Empathy for a Friend

Meadow has been through a lot from her childhood to her young adult life. She lost her parents as a child. I never went into depth about her parents, but we talked about how her parents’ passing affected her as...

Greg Stump and Mary Lynn Manns

One Small Step conversation partners Greg Stump (62) and Mary Lynn Manns [no age given] talk about their upbringing, political values, and how people can change.

Fathers Service

We talked about my fathers experience while being enlisted in the marines.

Genise Brown and enlightenment from the Financial Superhero Kyle Brown.

In this interview conducted on April 24, 2021, in Wilmington, DE, Genise Brown (31) interviews her cousin Kyle Brown (44) about his career as an accountant. Mr. Brown explains his profession to Ms. Brown and educates her on what occurs,...

Grandma interview

My grandma had a more, exiting life than I originally thought!

The Secret To Being Happy is Your Own

In this interview recorded on April 2020 in Orange, California Karina Ochoa (25) interviews Beverly Weatherill (92) and discuss her stories about her career. Mrs. Beverly talks about how she created the curriculum for the Fullerton District for Health and...

Ben Bagby and Chelsea Lea

One Small Step conversation partners Ben Bagby (74) and Chelsea Lea (34) talk about vaccines, growing up without fathers, emotional issues, women's rights, and religion.

Graciela. M.Interview Q&A

The topic we were talking about was how my aunt felt about her past life and how she feels now

Alexander Hall and Sarah Cain

Alexander "Alex" Hall (75) shares memories of growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina, with his daughter, Sarah Cain (45).

Eric Terashima and Sam Wheeler

One Small Step partners Eric Terashima (53) and Sam Wheeler (53) talk about their careers, the people they most admire, and their political values.

Alex Guerra interviews Leo Guerra

Alex ask Leo, his father, about where he grew up and some questions about his life.

Kim Stock and Chris Stock: brother and sister

Kim Stock: 2021-04-14 00:24:00 A Younger sister and the 2021 DE Teacher of the year talks with her older brother about teaching and what it means to be a highly effective teacher... and learn about each other in the process

DaSilva, ENGL 108-S Extra Credit

The perspective of a Division I collegiate student athlete on school and sport.