Jill Heil, Kathy Patrick, and Kenneth Patrick

Jill Heil [no age given] interviews her parents, Ken Patrick [no age given] and Kathleen "Kathy" Patrick [no age gven] about growing up, having children, and words of wisdom for future generations.

Michael Urena interviewing, grandma, Rosie Zovko about life coming to America as a refugee.

Rosie Zovko talks about her life, growing up in a communist country, seeking refuge, and trying to find her place in this world. she talks about finding her husband through the dangerous path to find refuge. she then talks about...

Marine Kapanadze and Jelena Hrnjak

Colleagues Marine Kapanadze (29) and Jelena Hrnjak (41) discuss their involvement in Columbia University's Human Rights Advocacy Program, the type of activism they engage in, and eastern European politics.

Rosemary Badame, Robert Sima Krkljus, and Chris Brookes

Conversation partner Chris Brookes (73) interviews husband and wife Rosemary Badame (77) and Robert Sima Krkljus (71) about their lives in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and his immigration to the United States.

Growing up in Yugoslavia

Safet Haseljic was born in Bosnia, Yugoslavia in 1960 and came to America as a refugee in the early 2000's. He talks about his childhood and shares some opinions and views in his very different lifestyles. #globalarizona #arizonastateuniversity #sgs101

Shawn Sorbom and Mary Sloper

Mary Sloper (78) talks to Shawn Sorbom (28) about going to boarding school at age 5 in Imperial Valley, Californiia, her Croatian mother, and her career as a nurse.

Shai Robkin and Judy Robkin

Judy Robkin (66) interviews her husband Shai Robkin (66) about the early part of their marriage, including living in Israel for several years. They both grew up in Atlanta and have known each other since 2nd grade.

Gennady Belous and Dave Nash

Gennady Gene Belous (78) talks with his son-in-law Dave Nash (54) about his family's experience in labor camps, how they were granted amnesty to come live in the United States, and why he decided to legally change his middle name...

Oma and Bruno’s interview

I interviewed my oma who was an immigrant from Yugoslavia. We talked about her struggles coming over to the new country and how she grew up.

World War 2 – Inge

Inge talked about her mother’s journey across Europe near the end of the war as her and her family were fleeing the Russians advance.

Bieber Family

I interviewed my mom about her grandparents and parents. She told me about how and when her parents migrated to America from Germany.

The Impact of Change

Tatiana Ilych is my Mother’s best friend, and she has been very influential on my life growing up. I interviewed her about her life growing up in Yugoslavia in the 1960’s to the 1990’s. I chose to interview her because...

Laszlo Moving to America

Laszlo Pinter talking about his life before, after, and during his immigration from the Soviet Union during a state of Socialism to America during the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights discussion. He describes the struggles of moving to a...