George’s Interview

George’s family, history, how his life has been affected by current events

Interviewing my grandma

We talked about her child hood and advice she’d give her younger self as well as life lessons

Child’s Perspective: A Conversation

Older brother sit down and chats with younger sibling about Life and how children experience the wrold.

Family Camacho

In this interview questions regarding aspirations and what have been the most cherished memories to the most difficult ones were asked. This interview was to reflect on the highs and lows my younger brother has experience throughout his educational career....

Story Corps Interview

I talked to my mom about some significant and meaningful events events that have happened to her throughout her entire life.

Craig Carpenter Interview 12/3/17

Craig talks about what life was like in the Bay Area in the 70’s and 80’s and his life during and after college.

Izzy Won and Deianarah Machicado

Izzy Won and Deianarah are both teenagers who have decided to do an interview together virtually during COVID-19. They are best friends and share their experiences and thoughts to each other. They discuss their future, their COVID-19 shelter-in-place journey, and...

Interview with Larry Winward

We talked about Grandpa's life, especially about his experiences running in cross country, and what it was like at BYU.

Windsurfing Race

Will and his father Jim Johnstone talk about a windsurfing race that Jim competed in during the 1990s.

iGen (Santa Clara High School, Class of 2018)

The three of us (Gian Taparan, Harleen Gill, Shantyl Basilio) talked about what life is like for high school seniors. We talk about concerns, trends, and traditions that we have at Santa Clara High.

Akiko Kelley & Sarah Nelson

We only got through the first question but we talked about childhood and the experiences, good and bad, that came along with it.

SCHS Class of 2018- Isaac, Ryan, Matthew, and Sung

A long-form discussion about the state of the world and teenage life in 2017. Topics included the advance of technology, the Presidency, social media, and many others relating to youth culture.

Founding a high school.

Lucy and Simona shared their experience with the founding of the High School at the Waldorf School of the Peninsula

Anchetas vs the World

This is probably the most in-depth conversation I’ve had with my dad in a while (that doesn’t include sports talks; we have heated discussions over them all the time). But I really don’t know much about my dad’s past, mainly...

From Freshman Year to Now

Ishaani and Camille attend a small college prep school in the Bay Area called Athenian. They met the first week of freshman year and this interview summarizes the journey that made up the past four years and where they are...