Sergio’s story

In this interview Sergio Flores speaks about his feelings and journey throughout life.Sergio had to overcome many obstacles in life and he explains how he moved past them.

Interview with Jim Smith

Today I interviewed my small group leader for my church to get a better understanding of him and why he does what he does.

The great thanksgiving listen 2019: with Grandpa

In this interview, I talked to my grandpa Larry about his life. Today is Thanksgiving in 2019. We are having dinner with my parents and their friends.

My grandma debra

How much my grandma loved me and how much she loved her child hood

Me and my mom talking about life

Me and my mom talk about her life, and her illness living with MS.

Sriya Srinivasan and Thatha (grandpa) and Grandma.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen! Featuring Sriya Srinivasan as the interviewer and her grandparents as the interviewees.

Interview with my Great Aunt Linda

I interviewed my Great Aunt Linda about her childhood and the important things in her life.

C. Santos – Processo de Inmigración

En esta entrevista estoy entrevistando a César Santos sobre su historia de inmigración a los Estados Unidos. César Santos es mi padre y tiene 41 años.

Thanksgiving 2019 Interview- Cara Cagan- Woolsey Fire

Talking about the experience before and after the Woolsey Fire, which threatened Calabasas, CA.

The Corner of Orchard Street

From piano to orchards to little sales in front of the house, the life of Annette has been nothing short of amazing.

The importance of family

In this interview, conducted in April 23 in Orange, California. Gabrielle Wilson(21) interviewed her grandmother Dianne Wilson(80) about her life growing up. She talked about family and her childhood with her 2 sisters and 1 brother. She also talked about...

Interview w/ my Grandmother

I have an interview with my grandmother and we talk about her life in Mexico. I ask her questions such as who in her life has influenced her the most and what she thinks of the U.S compared to Mexico....

Thanksgiving interveiw

Interview with Grandma about what were her fondest memories with her grandparents, her teenage years, and what she is most grateful for.