The Great Big Christmas

Race and how it is important in African american lives

Interviewing Allen

I recorded my friend Allen and I asked him a few questions about who influenced him the most and how happy his grandfather made him

“Soy Una Niña Problema” Part 1

In this interview my mother, Maria Paredes, tells stories about her hometown, her rebellious childhood, happiest memories, and biggest regrets, as well as what it was like coming to the United States as an immigrant.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Mark Stephenson

In this interview we talk about what Mark Stephensonon has gained from life so far from opinions to knowledge.

Great Thanksgiving listen interview with Gloria and Vince

Interviewing my older cousin on her opinions and thoughts on our government

Intrevistando mi padrino

I talked to my godfather about his point of view in politics and about his life

Thanksgiving interview

The person’s life and how things have changed.

Interview With Isabella Lagioia and Her Grandma, Rita Morrel

Rita Morrel talks about growing up in her native city of Chicago. Also addresses changes that Rita had observed in Chicago and current politics from her childhood (1930s) to present day (2019). Recorded in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on November 28,...

Great thanksgiving talk with Francisco gonzalez

Born in Durango, Mexico in 1974, My father has faced many obstacles when it came to finance or work wise, he traveled to the US to earn more money and to expand our family tree.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Thomas Melin

Hope Frisby interviews Thomas Melin, her grandfather, about growing up, getting older, and falling in love.

My Fathers Childhood

We discussed my fathers childhood adaption from living in a different country to moving to the United States.

“Your grandfather is…” “A cheating liar!?”

A raw 45 minute interview of a father and daughter talking. The daughter had prepared questions which lead to what kinds of jobs the father had, how it was like with a preacher as a dad, how it was like...

Interview with Ivette Tomasoni

Spoke about her life moments, achivements, expectations, and regrets.

From the City to A Cabin in the Mountains

Julia shares her experiences growing up in Wheaton, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and how she ended up living in a cabin in the mountains of Colorado as an adult.

Yeah, it was like joining a family.

Guy Guilbert shares his experiences growing up in Old Town, meeting Old Town School's founder when he was in a musical duo with Win's daughter, performing with Old Town School student Roger McGuinn in Chicago and leaving high school to...

Vietnam War (with Larry Scalia and Valerie Ihara)

Larry Scalia grew up in Illinois, but later moved to Laguna in California. In between those times, Larry had dreams of becoming a veteranarian and also was an avid horseman. He had 3 horses, "quarter horses", but never really took...

History extra Credit
December 3, 2017 App Interview

An interview with my father in his immigration to America from India.

Bachi Bilimoria

Bachi's experience growing up in India and immigrating to the United States

Oral History

This was a interview I conducted with my Grandmother about her life in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a child and what it was like growing up. We also talked about my ancestry and what it was like moving to the...

Phyllis Hunt

A tornado in 1950, high school, ww2 experiences, music, and the death of Ernest Hemingway's father

My aunt Terry

She talked about her childhood life and how it was.