Caleb McKendry with Sandra Ednie childhood interview

Sandra Ednie was talking about her childhood with Caleb McKendry. She spoke about living in the islands right after World War 2 and exploring the mountain and beach.

Experiences in life

That no matter what you be yourself, and be brave when you meet other people. In the past was very different than in times right now because back then you couldn’t do a lot than now.

My grandpa

Me and my grandpa Richard Riha talked about his life story on Monday April 23rd 2018. He told me how he lived it and what made it great and what made his life worth living is definitely the family he...

Life as a military nurse #mimi

This is interview is about my grandmas life in the military

WWII memories

We discussed mom’s childhood memories of World War II and of moving to California from Hawaii. We discussed her parents divorce and also a happy memory.

Get Lucky and Never Quit

Having a true appreciation for relaxation, Linda Pfeffer speaks with her grandson, Jake Joel, while sitting on the beach in Hawaii on Thanksgiving of 2017. Linda shares an abundance of stories, each with a golden lining, that resonates with Jake...

Kupuna Interview
November 26, 2018 App Interview

We discussed the early moments of my tutu’s childhood and growing up learning new things from many people.

Progress and Paradox

John told me about his life and how he grew up in Japan and was involved in the Marines. He told me all about his family and the impact that they have had in his life. He was a very...

Interview with Dad

My dad lives in South Carolina; I live in Ohio. We only see each other in the summer. We talked about his childhood, time in the service, Love for the beach and his family.

My Sister’s Story

My sister talking about her life and some of her memories/life experiences

Interview of an A+ Mom

An interview of Cindy McMackin, businesswoman and mother of five (currently!). She talks about her childhood, life as a mother, wisdom for future generations and more.

Interview w gma

My grandma and I discuss influential events in her life and lessons that she was taught.

The great listen

Mainly we talked about the highlights of her life and how that affects her currently

A rainy day in Kauai

The story of how my mother saved a woman’s life

Guy Aoki and Virginia Lora

Guy Aoki (49) tells SC Facilitator Virginia Lora (26) about the negative portrayal of Asians in the media before and during the 1992 L.A. Riots. Guy talks about starting the Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) in order to...

So Many Happy Moments

In this interview I (17) interview my mother, Nellie Walker (45) about her life from childhood up to now. She and I discuss her experiences as a parent, our roots as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...