The differences by using past broadcast media and modern broadcast media in GE14

This interview had show out the differences by using past broadcast media and using modern broadcast media in GE14.

Bangsar late 70s and early 80s. A Sikh centric view.

Malaysia through the eyes of a sixty year old Sikh man. PART 1. (My first interview on story corps) I caught my father telling me a story about his time in Bangsar and I capitalised and interviewed him about it...

Experiences on GE14

Interviewing Mrs Tan about her experiences on GE14

GE14 media 20-30 years ago compared to now

Mr. Mohan said that media today is much more clear , fast and everything is transparent

Interview In Petaling Street

This in interview in about the change of Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur from the past until now. This interview is carry out with the owner of Bunn Choon (品泉) and a uncle I meet at Bunn Choon. **Sorry that the...