StoryCorps Connect Interview With My Uncle Dennis Apr 29 2020 5:28 pm

Dennis Nguyen (26) talks to his nephew (16) and gives a little bit of advice on how to live a stable life, get through school, and survive this pandemic.

Camper Talk, Annenberg Space

A boy asks a girl questions. Also they’re in love. Gross, I know.

Service Learning

The intricacies of human life and the intricacy of my mother’s life.

Thanksgiving Interview

This interview is about my mom and the story of how she came to the U.S.

Son and Mom

All it is is me and my mom Silvia telling me about her life and teaching about you and more of your personal life

Dana Green Interview

My stepmom Dana Green is a board member of A Place Called Home. I interviewed her about her work and joining the organization

Interviewing the sister of Marc Paul about Marc Paul

A little interview with Monick Halm, Marc Paul’s brother, about her brother who passed away.

Latino boys from the San Fernando Valley

How Fidel learned to say his long term friend, Rubens last name.

Service Learning Project

My Dad's experience in what it was like growing up in Los Angeles.

The interview

Pops lived in low poverty in his home country with many traumatic experiences in his early childhood. He took care of his siblings and mother by working in his teen years, and never finished school. He longed waited to have...

HW Interview

HW Interview with me and my sister about her life, struggle, and her feelings.

Rene Garza Davila, Denise Hamilton, and David Garza

Rene Garza Davila (75) tells his daughter-in-law Denise Hamilton (52) and son David Garza (46) about arriving in Los Angeles from Mexico when he was 20 and working as a cook and eventually becoming a restaurant owner in different locations...

The Suprising Life of a Dad
December 4, 2017 App Interview

Ups and downs in life can make an interesting story. On November of 2017 Ian Kim interviews his dad Yong Ho Kim about his early High School life. The story takes place from 1984 in South Korea, and it shows...

The Iranian Revolution of 1979, Through the Eyes of a Fleeing Immigrant

Pamela Shamshiri was nine years old when the Iranian Revolution began. Pamela and her mother and brother were in Los Angeles for Christmas when the revolution started. Her father went back to Iran, but the other three family members stayed...

Artie Ripp's Childhood and his Place in the Music Industry

“It was very loud, greasy, noisy, and something you wanted to get away from” (0:17-0:27). On January 2nd, 2019 in Valley Village, California, Ari (15) and her grandfather, Artie Ripp, sat down to discuss his circumstances growing up and his...