History? No, Her Story

In this interview my mom describes her trip to America from the Philippines along with different aspects of it.

Childhood in the Philippines

Elmer Lavilla reminisces about his past experiences, living in Manila,Philippines in the late 80's/ early 90's.

Erin Abalos and Ellizar Abalos

Erin Abalos (28) talks with her husband (34) about his childhood in the Philippines, his passion and fulfillment for music and teaching, and his Navy service. Ellizar talks about his dedication to the growth of this students through music.

Anchetas vs the World

This is probably the most in-depth conversation I’ve had with my dad in a while (that doesn’t include sports talks; we have heated discussions over them all the time). But I really don’t know much about my dad’s past, mainly...


Victorianio Valdez Jarquio was born in Manila, Philippines in 1932 and journeyed to the United States with his wife and four sons in 1972. This is the story of my “Lolo.”

Toponlineloans Interview

How to get a microloan? To obtain a loan at the bank, it is required best personal loan philippines to collect a variety of documents and certificates, spend a lot of time, wait for the results of the credit history...

Simpler Times

Maria Belen Saldaña grew up in the Philippines during the 1970’s and by her description, was a time when everything was less complicated than the 21’st century.

A conversation with my Mom

I talk to my Mom about what it was like growing up in the Philippines and what changed when she came to the US

Francis Gray and Libby Koultourides

Francis Gray (78) is interviewed by his daughter Libby Koultourides (47) about his childhood memories as a prisoner at a Japanese concentration camp in the Philippines.

Dad’s Childhood: A Chat Between Father and Son
November 25, 2018 App Interview

Mainly the childhood and family of Roque Ranjo and some stuff about me (Miguel Ranjo)