Elvia goes to Milwaukee

What we talked about was what obtacles did Elvia have to encounter and why she decided to come tobMilwaukee.

Patty goes to the USA

My mom told me the sorry behind why she came to the USA.

Valentina goes to United States of America

I interviewed my mom and talk about how it was like for her when she arrived to the United States. Some obstacles, dreams, and hopes for a better life

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, my grandmother and I discussed her family tree, it’s history, and her personal experiences along with her best memories.

Coffee with Matt – test session

We tested the interview process in advance of a community-which de interview project. Kathy interviewed Matt about his experience growing up and as a Christian.

Interview with Kim

I spoke with my aunt about her trip to Berlin when she was in high school.

Monica Muñoz goes to Milwaukee, WI.

I ask questions to my mom about her journey to Milwaukee from Mexico.

Makinde Adedapo and Naima Adedapo

Makinde Adedapo (37) talks to his sister Naima Adedapo (35) about her experience growing up in Maywood, IL and experience as a contestant on American Idol.

Volunteers In Service To America and Race in Milwaukee

I interviewed my grandfather about his time working with VISTA in 1969 in Milwaukee.

Memories of childhood influences

This interview is about Jackie’s life growing up. She talks about the people who influenced her life and affected the person she became today.

Ramon Huaracha

This is an interview of my father’s journey from California to Wisconsin

Dave Schoen talks to Yasmin Misra about his childhood and his experiences later on in life as an educator

On November 21, 2018 in Dallas, Texas, Yasmin Misra (16) and Dave Schoen (74), family friends, discuss Mr. Schoen's childhood and Norwegian upbringing in rural Wisconsin. Mr. Schoen also talks about teaching as a university professor in Indiana and how...

Danae Davis and Parvathi Santhosh-Kumar

Danae Davis (64) discusses with her colleague, Parvathi Santhosh-Kumar (30), her career trajectory and her hopes for the city of Milwaukee.

Chats with my Great Uncle Art

Art and I talked about his life and opinions on historic events, including World War 2, The Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Kent State Shooting and Watergate.

Interviewing Amy Mihm about her childhood and God.

Talked about some favorite memories (playing with neighborhood friends). About her family (that her grandpa was a founder of a school). About her religious life (when she really started following God). And about how she might have done life differently.

History Project 12/4

This is an interview by Morgan Schiff and I interviewed my mom

My mom comes from Mexico to Milwaukee

We talked about how my mom experienced a change in her life.

Maria del Carmen lives in Milwaukee

This interview is based on how my mother Maria Del Carmen, came to Milwaukee and how her experience went and has gone.

Interview with my parents

My parents talk about their experience of immigration

Covid-19 Kathy Smith Interview

This is a discussion on how the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the people of the U.S. and the world.