Storytelling- LaTonya Watson

Talked about the lifelong legacy for my family. We dug deeper into the situations of our family’s history.

Thanksgiving questions

We talked about what was it that he was most proud of. And I asked him what was he most proud of

Story Corp Interview About Gender
September 20, 2018 App Interview

The differences between men and women were highlighted and talked about from the viewpoint of Willie Rice Jr.

Nana and Erin
September 23, 2018 App Interview

We just talked about her child hood and what what was some of her memories


I talked about life with my mother and things she did with her life. I also talked her beliefs and things she wanted to change about her life.

My Mom’s Story

Small piece of my Mom’s Story of her life. New Family , Kids, and new outlooks on life.

Jumping back to the 1980’s!

Libby asks her mom about her childhood and some experiences throughout that time! She gets to learn more about her mother and what it was like during her young age!

Oral History Interview

Here I interviewed Robert Swinney and talked with him about his experiences with integration and segregation growing up.

Living on the edge of History

In this interview, we talked about important political issues and generally the history of my grandmother’s life.

Residual Feelings of Segregation

The interviewee, my aunt, was alive for the transition period of integrating black students into segregated schools.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017. Georgia Marie Walkins

I interviewed my grandmother two days after thanksgiving. Talking to her and getting to know her more has brought me closer to her

Zoe Wilson and her great grand mother, who she calls Nana T, talk about memories from the past.

This interview was conducted in November 25, 2018 in Centreville, Mississippi. Zoe Wilson(13) interviews her friend and great grandmother Nana T(76). This interview was about her childhood and fun memories she has all around. At the end she tells me...

Interview with Mrs aldy

Me aldy and I talked about her childhood and how she was like when she was little.

Interview with Joyce Frye

Joyce Frye, resident of Morrison Village (2503 Old Mobile Ave, Pascagoula, MS 39567) is interviewed by Reba Brown, Library Assistant 1 from Singing River Genealogy-Local History Library on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Ms. Frye discusses her pets, why she moved...

Midnight Convos

A young couple has a casual conversation and discuss childhood and inspirations.


In this interview, my grandma Pat Allen talks about her childhood. She explains how different it was back then and how her life has changed. She has had so many interesting experiences in her life. I learned so much more...

Interview with Randy and Suzanne Irby

Interview was taken in Oxford Mississippi on November 21st of 2018. Randy and Suzanne Irby (my grandparents) are a married couple with lots of stories about them. Even before they were married! The explain things such as when/where they were...

Grandma Brendas’ Interview

This interview of our conversation was life and experiences of my grandma and a little bit of her thoughts on me .

Me and My Grandfather

I ask my grandfather about his childhood to see differences in parenting over generations. My grandfather talks about his parents' rules, religion, and their values in always telling the truth.

Kennedy Williams and her grandma Willie Mae Hines talk about growing up in Champaign, Illinois.

Kennedy Williams interviewed her grandma (Willie Mae Hines) about her childhood in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Illinois. Willie Mae talks about her family and children and leaving a message to the future generations.

Mammaw and Me: Christmas 2018

Mammaw and I talk about her growing up, her relationship with my biological grandpa, marriage to PawPaw, and family life with her sisters.


This interview was with Skylar Etheridge. The interview was about her experience with unemployment.